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Stop Myshall Puppy Farm regaining its licence

Many animal welfare workers and caring individuals have spent months trying to heal the animals rescued from the Myshall Puppy Farm in Carlow, all 320 of them. Many of these animals had never seen the light of day, they lived amongst the vacated bodies of those who couldn't hold on long enough to be rescued. Who crossed rainbow bridge without ever knowing the joy of a cuddle or stroke.  This travesty has united the Irish people in their disgust for those who were seemingly  able to sleep peacefu

Created: 2015-07-16 Statistics

Stop animal testing in the UK.

I would like to ban animal testing in the UK, I believe it's time to end their suffering. We are now in the 21st century, is there really any need to be testing on an innocent life? The answer is no. Imagine being locked up in a cage, fed just enough food to keep you alive and you get tested on everyday, so others can see your reaction. This is NOT medical research and it needs to stop NOW! Just because animals can't speak does not mean they don't feel pain, because they do- just like we do! If

Created: 2015-03-12 Statistics

'Help Save the Crown Theatre Eccles'

  The ‘Eccles Lyceum Theatre Trust’ is now the official organization responsible for raising funds and campaigning to ‘save the Crown Theatre Eccles’.   Please sign their petition here. We the undersigned wish to have this building taken into public ownership and restored as a prime example of a traditional theatre, arts hub and museum  to match the theatres and cultural venues of other cities. We want to have a real theatre with a

Created: 2015-04-15 Statistics

save hurst green childrens centre (sure start centre)

The sure start centre hurst green has been told that they will be closing it we are doing a petitons to save our local childrens centre which is used by many parents and children arounf the local area.please sign the petition so we can get as many signtures to take to the council and show them how many people use the sure start centre.we will also have a petition for people to sign in the sure start centre.without the sure start centre people who use the sure start centre will have to tr

Created: 2015-02-04 Statistics


A petition to support the building of a replacement Health Centre which is able to deliver adequate healthcare to the existing and future population of East Leake and surrounding Villages and built to a size as recommended by the Department of Health. Please get everyone over 16 in each household to sign.  

Created: 2015-09-09 Statistics

Little Italy to be reinstated with their title as Best Restaurant

Anyone that feels the same as myself is welcome to sign this petition. The petition is to get Little Italy Dumfries reinstated with their well deserved award as "Best Italian Restaurant". The amazing restaurant was stripped of its title due to a personal issue involving the owner. I think this is an unjustifiable reason to strip hard working talented staff of THEIR award. The award belongs to the restaurant and its staff NOT the owner. The staff should not be punished for something out with thei

Created: 2015-01-28 Statistics

Stop the killing of straycats in the city of Bruges, Belgium!

Straycats are being killed because of ‘huntinglaws’ in the shelter of Bruges. Non profit organisation Kat zoekt thuis (‘Cat looking for a home’) has been neutering starycats for years in Bruges, at their own expense. Normally, this is at the responsibility and costs of the city counsel. In the past, we have had numerous contacts with the city counsel to improve the straycat-policy. Now, sadly, the city of Bruges is placing huntinglaws above animal welfare. Feral straycats are not neutered and r

Created: 2015-03-26 Statistics

Save YMCA Urban Mix Skate Park

YMCA Urban Mix Skate Park is due to close at the end of December. the skate park is a great asset to North Tyneside there is no other park like it in the immediate area. Please sign this petition and let the powers that be hopefully rethink their crazy decisions 

Created: 2015-12-14 Statistics

Save Ale Vikinghomestead

Help us by support our cause, the local politicians want to close the homestead due to lacking funds. But there has been little or rather no marketing done to help the homestead to get publicity. They just got interwiewed by a big newspaper and they said not a single word about the big market that is set to the 2-3rd of May! They had every chance to give the market som free publicity! But nothing was done! Now we wish that you will sign this petition to show those retched politicians that there

Created: 2015-03-30 Statistics

South powys schools rethink.

The recent announcement states that powys county council will merge Brecon High School and Gwernyfed High Schools into one “Beacons Campus” by 2018 and that they have an “aspiration that, in future, there will be one bilingual secondary school in Mid Powys” meaning that Llandrindod or Builth Wells High Schools would have to close. The announcement also stated that the Welsh stream at Brecon would be moved to Builth Wells.  There is also the possibility of Maesydderwen in Ystradgynlais losing its

Created: 2015-03-17 Statistics