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cctv cameras at walton lane cemetry

trying 2 get 2000 signatures so we can get cctv cameras up at walton lane cemetry to stop disrespectfull people stealling from not just my babys grave but other peoples graves aswell it was hard enough loosing my baby boy jayden and even worse knowing some lowlife is stealling from my babys resting place the more signatures we get the more chance we have of getting cctv cameras put up

Created: 2014-01-17 Statistics

Save Tesco Free From Smoothies

  The response from Tesco has been that they are discontinuing the free from smoothies "as part of a range reduction".  We've created this petition to see if we can change their mind so would appreciate as many people signing it as possible. These smoothies are a large source of calcium for those who are CMPA and many parents rely on these to be part of a healthy, balanced diet.  

Created: 2014-07-01 Statistics

Unknown Warehouse Rave

We have been associated with raving for around ten years now and we have not met a nicer community of people than ravers. True ravers go to raves for the music, not drugs! Most people in the rave scene believe P.L.U.R stands for peace, love, unity, and respect. These are considered the four pillars of the rave scene. Why would you want to stop a sub-culture that endorses love towards all men and women? Why would you want to stop a sub-culture geared towards getting together, dancing together, an

Created: 2014-02-02 Statistics

let's have the street lights back on in northallerton

As we all know that since the street lights were turned off  in northallerton the crime rate has gone through the roof so let's get this signed and get them back on please get this signed so no more innocent people get hurtand please share as and where you can 

Created: 2014-11-14 Statistics


Petition to protect the Pattenmakers Arms in Duffield from a 42% rent increase. We want to keep the current Landlady, Claire Muldoon, and the successful staff team in place. The Pattenmakers is a traditional, community local that means so much to so many. Enterprise Inns are not only asking for a huge rent increase but also charge an exorbitant amount for thier beer, many products costing double compared to untied pubs. Check out these links for more information Duffield Scene, December 2013, pa

Created: 2014-01-06 Statistics

Divert overseas aid money to help flood victims in the UK

Charity begins at home. We need to divert overseas aid money to build better flood defences in the UK and help all the people affected recently. I think we still need to contribute to overseas aid but reduce the budget for aid and use it to boost help for flood victims now and provide help in the UK in the future

Created: 2014-02-11 Statistics

Say NO to Peterborough Brown Bin Tax

The council are bringing in a tax of £39 per year for your brown bin addition to your council tax should you still want your bin emptied....let this in and what will follow next year???? We are on Facebook. Join the page, Sign the petition and have your say!!

Created: 2014-03-19 Statistics


We the undersigned, request Mike Ashley does the decent thing. And sells our club ,Someone Please Comes in and buy our Beloved Newcastle United., and ends the misery of the most loyalest fans in Football.  

Created: 2014-01-28 Statistics

Flooding of Maidenbower/Furnace Green bridleway

This petition is to get the message across to Network Rail to take responsibility for engineering a solution to stop the flooding in the bridleway which links Furnace Green to Maidenbower.  This disruption has become more and more frequent over the past 12 months, since Network rail have carried out other work for the railway line and tunnel extension. Even regular down-pour of rain is causing a massive inconvenience to my fellow pupils of Oriel High school, Maidenbower, local dog walkers and ot

Created: 2014-01-30 Statistics

Stop the Sale of Playing Fields at Epsom & Ewell High School

Epsom and Ewell High School are proposing to dispose of the south playing field to the South West of Scotts Farm Road between horton stream and Gadesden Road. The proceeds of the sale will fund development of the North field to accommodate 3 all weather football pitches, 2 Tennis Courts and changing facilities. This land has been identified by Epsom and Ewell Borough Council as a preferred Housing Development site for up to 100 homes. There is only one access road to this site if it were develop

Created: 2014-06-03 Statistics