Chiswell Green-Greenbelt destruction that affects all...

Chiswell Green don’t  sleepwalk into this!      (Please don't be afraid to be identified, it's your right to object)

I strongly object to any proposals or planning applications on the Greenbelt plot of land behind Long Fallow, Forge End, Noke Side and Hammers Gate as sited in the SKM Housing Strategy commissioned by St Albans Planning Department. Chiswell Green's public services are already stretched to breaking point, the infrastructure in general would need a major overhaul to take a developement of this magnitude,this includes extra burdens on Dentists and Hospitals, water and sewage, bus services  etc.

The 450 potential homes is a disproportionate increase in number of households, affecting community cohesion and the very fabric of the village. Further it would result in some additional 900 cars spilling out onto the Watford Road, probably the busiest junction in the area, which in rush hour and school times is an already clogged artery into and out of St Albans and onto the M25. The added air, noise and light pollution would be detrimental to local residents health and their quality of life, not to mention the negative impact on wildlife.

Therefore I strongly urge St Albans Council to not act on the SKM reports findings