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Save the West Pier Brighton

The West Pier in Brighton was buit in 1866 ..that makes it 147 years old A few years ago the West Pier Trust managed by Rachel Clark was given £30 million to restore the pier. i would like to know what happened to that money? and now that another large part of the pier has fallen to the eliments and lost to the sea. Save our pier and bring it back to its glory.

Created: 2014-02-05 Statistics

EKKI draga umsóknina tilbaka

Við undirrituð skorum á Alþingi og ríkisstjórn að draga ekki tilbaka með formlegum hætti ESB-aðildarumsókn Íslands nema að undangenginni þjóðaratkvæðagreiðslu.   ===== skilaboð frá upphafsmanni: Ég vil benda á að í gærkvöld fór af stað ÖNNUR undirskriftasöfnun, með mjög svipaðri áskorun en ekki samhljóða, sem hafði verið í undirbúningi nú um helgina. Ég vil eindregið hvetja ykkur öll til að fara á þá slóð og setja nafn ykkar LÍKA þar, ef þið eruð sammála þeirri áskorun. Slóðin er: http://thjod.i

Created: 2014-02-23 Statistics


Revised plans for the development of the Hartwells Garage site have been submitted to BANES council. You can view the plans there at   and  leave an official comment at  Please also see the related petition at   EVEN IF YOU SIGNED THAT PETITION, PLEASE SIGN THIS ONE ALSO, as that petition did not relate to the revised plans.  Further updates will be posted at the facebook page  no_

Created: 2014-09-07 Statistics

Save our ELC in Barnet

ELC are closing one of the oldest and most established stores in Barnet in only 4 weeks and we need to show our discontent! ELC provides good quality, educational toys from children from birth up to age 7 or 8 and is one of the few places left which allows kids to come in and really play with and see the toys before you decide what to buy. It always is well stocked and thhe staff are really friendly and knowledgeable about all the products. It would be a great loss to our area for this shop to c

Created: 2014-02-26 Statistics

Pensioners against loss of bus passes and heating allowance

We are fed up with the government cutting everything for the pensioners. bus passes, heating allowance. The weather in the U.K. is getting colder each year.  The only thing that  stopping bus passes will do,  is it stops the subsidy to the bus companies as the pensioners won't use them. Then not enough profit so  less buses on a service that's already bad.

Created: 2014-02-05 Statistics

Course Park Recreation ground

Hello Titchfield Common!! After the recent development of the Abshot Road park we have decided to get together with the council and put forward Course Park recreation ground to be refubished. All of you with children or look after children will know how run down the park is and how lovely that area could be if it had the right equiptment there for the children. We have been asked to put a petition to the council with as many names on as possible in the first week of September for our park to hav

Created: 2014-08-15 Statistics

Bring back Andy Knight our postie!

Andy Knight has been the local postman around the Greenfield/Flitton/Pulloxhill villages for the past 16 years. Due to recent changes within the system, the delivery ares have changed meaning he will no longer be our postman. Andy is a well know bubbly loveable character, a great postman and a friend to many of us.  Andy knows our arrangments with regards to dropping parcels with neighbours which is a great help to working parents preventing the need to visit our local office.  He also acts as o

Created: 2014-01-24 Statistics


Hi to whom this may concern at Boeing, Manchester Airport, or any airliners that see this petition. I have created this petition on behalf of the many thousands of aviation, Boeing 747 fans and Manchester Airport visitors etc in regards to the current situation with airliners scrapping their Boeing 747 aircrafts.  We understand that technology changes, companies improve fuel efficencys, things get better but we also understand that the Boeing 747 aircraft changed the world of aviation in the 197

Created: 2014-09-11 Statistics

salisbury bypass

With the record for my journey from Alderbury to salisbury college being up to 1 1/2 hours i decided that it was time to make a stand by starting this petition,i hear there are plans for a hotel on the land at the front of tesco and another supermarket opposite,housing developments with all the traffic using the A36.Im sure we have all got a story to tell on the approach roads to salisbury,so please sign up,i understand that you need 100,000 signatures to get it debated in the houses of parlimen

Created: 2014-02-24 Statistics

ucea uniform

This petition is opposing the UCEA (Ellesmere Port campus) girls uniform which comes into effect from September 2014 and states skirts and pinafores MUST have the schools badge on them. We are NOT opposing a uniform but believe that parents should have the right to choose where the items are purchased from. We also believe that by enforcing this revision the school has ignored the recommendations set out by the Department of Education 'School uniform' policy dated September 2013.

Created: 2014-07-01 Statistics

Give Dave Thompson his old job back as Tinky Winky

Support Dave Thompson in getting his old job back, as Tinky Winky,  in the Teletubbies.

Created: 2014-06-15 Statistics

Bring back Shorty!!

We the loyal Watford fans demand that Richard 'Shorty' Short be reinstated as the match day announcer at Watford Football Club!!

Created: 2014-08-08 Statistics

Save Ely Library from Demolition

  We object to the proposed demolition of the Library; it's a waste of a sound building, long owned and used by the Ely community.  It's significant in the Grand Avenue street-scene and its most notable feature. We urge the Council to consider community uses for the building, once the Library moves out, including social or commercial ownership eg. as a Weatherspoons pub. We petition the Planning Committee to defer the application for demolition while alternative uses and ways to keep the histori

Created: 2014-05-15 Statistics

Join our Fairer Funding Campaign Weston Mercury

ARE you sick and tired of seeing vital services cut? Do you want to see extra cash for Weston’s education system and hospital, and more police on our streets? There is £50million in the Government’s cash pot with Weston’s name on it for these vital services – but so far those in Westminster have refused to hand it over. For decades, our town has been given a raw deal in terms of Government grants – so here at the Mercury we think it’s time to take a stand. Four weeks ago we launched a campaign

Created: 2014-11-25 Statistics

SAY "NO" to North Tottenham CPZ

I strongly oppose the planned changes to the North Tottenham CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone). These changes are simply a money making scheme for Haringey Council. When will the people of Tottenhams voice be heard?  The plans are: - Anti social (Times too restricted) -Unfair -Expensive permits -Limited permits -Excessive enforcement costs   Link to North Tottenham CPZ   SAY "NO" to North Tottenham CPZ. Si

Created: 2014-02-25 Statistics

Emsworth's Library

  The council wants to save money by moving the library from the Square in the Centre of Emsworth  to the Emsworth Community Centre in the old school classrooms at the back of the Fire Station.  Please sign this petition if youwant the library to remain in its current central location.  

Created: 2014-08-19 Statistics

ORAS Worldwide

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is currently scheduled for a November 21st 2014 release in Japan, Australia/NZ and the US. However, it is scheduled for a November 28th 2014 release in Europe. The previous games in the series however did get a rightful worldwide release, so why is this not possible for the next games in line? By signing this petition you are making it clear to Nintendo and Game Freak how disappointed you are that you will not be able to play the games until a week after rel

Created: 2014-06-10 Statistics

Residents Aganist Parking Restrictions - North Square

OM PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ARE PROPOSING PARKING RESTRICTIONS ON NORTH SQUARE In a recent communication to the residents of North Square, Chapelford.  OM Property Management are proposing further parking restrictions in the North Square area. As residents and neighbours I am sure we are all aware that we all need to be vigilant and considerate in our parking, however after the council made the decision to implement double yellow lines on the Boulevard in Oct 2013 the impact was felt in North Squa

Created: 2014-05-07 Statistics

cortisol monitors for adrenal insufficiency patients

reaching out to the makers and designers the insulin monitor to please design a cortisol monitor for adrenal insufficiency patients

Created: 2014-03-06 Statistics

Redditch United Refused Relocation

· Redditch United’s (RUFC) history goes back 125 years. Our first team playing two leagues below the football league. RUFC is a community club represented by 20 boys, girls and disabled teams. · We are hampered with a stadium with one pitch, two changing rooms and tired facilities. · To secure the next 100 years involves moving the club from its existing stadium to world class, purpose built, sports and community facilities in Washford. · This would create a new clubhouse, incorporating moder

Created: 2013-10-24 Statistics