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We Support The Mount’s Local Green Space!

We the undersigned want to protect the last remaining green space on the Mount from the threat of housing development and we support the application for its designation as a Local Green Space because of: The beauty and historical value of its landscape; Its importance to the views from the popular Severn Way. This Petition is being organised in support of the Application by the Mount Resident’s Group to have the land opposite the Mount’s Local Garage declared a Local Green Space.  This land is t

Created: 2014-04-19 Statistics

Save YOLO Lounge

Ladies and gentlemen this is a petition to help us save and maintain yolo lounge as it stands, it is an amazing place to hang out with friends a chilled relaxed area friendly staff, great atmosphere with music and belly dance entertainment it has a bar and great food, costumers are always returning because if it's great relationship with staff all in all it's a great place to hang out and chillax That being said the London borough of hounslow are trying to shut down the place with all false evi

Created: 2014-01-08 Statistics

Jam Science/Hatfield LIve Shriekback re-release

The third Shriekback album remastered with a live recording from the same period. 2 CD digipack with 5 extra tunes from the JS sessions. Much new wordage -anecdotal and technical- from Andrews and Marsh. retailing around £10.00 +pn'p. any takers?

Created: 2014-08-07 Statistics


Ok so it has been 3years in march. OK I DO NOT WANT TO CAUSE THE ASSUMPTION I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN SEEN I DID MANAGE TO GET SEEN. AND THE GP I PREFER HAS DONE PHONE CONTACT ON A FEW OCCASIONS AS COULD NOT GET A APPOINTMENT. Although this surgery has made some changes for people that do not  want to see theyre regular gp. Who understands theyre condition it is stillthis is impossibIe to SEE UR OWN GP. I SUFFER WITH CHRONIC CONDITION CALLED COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME AND ALSO DEPRESSION I HAVE

Created: 2014-03-03 Statistics

Save Sandy Lane Parkland

We request that Newcastle Borough Council recognises the community use of the Parkland at the junction of Sandy Lane and Brampton Road.  We call on the council to preserve it in its entirety as public open space.

Created: 2014-09-16 Statistics

Should Alan Bell Resign from the post of Chief Minister?

Due to recent events within our Government do you think Alan Bell should resign from the post of Chief Minister of the Isle Of Man? Toilet Tax, unlawful loans and proposed parking charges are just some of the issues he has let happen under his leadership. If you think it's time he went then vote yes.

Created: 2014-06-23 Statistics

Change our Leaver's Ball theme to Circus, NOT American

We are fighting against this decision to make OUR leaver's ball American themed to Circus

Created: 2014-03-14 Statistics

Yellow Player Service

We the undersigned respecfully request that Mr Ian Lenagan, Chairman of Oxford United Football Club, approaches the Perfom Group, (supplier of Yellow Player, match day commentary service) regarding the abysmal audio quality being suffered by users of the service on match days.It is not an isolated issue, there have been 3 instances (Exeter City, Mansfield Town and Newport County) of poor quality in the last month alone, the latter 2 being impossible to listen to. On contacting customer support a

Created: 2014-02-20 Statistics

لن أتنازل على حقي في FCR

أنا فلان من دولة ...... لن أتنازل على حقي

Created: 2014-05-25 Statistics

Bringing Equestrian Sport to the news

2014 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials has just witnessed one of the most challenging and dispruptions in years. A course newly designed which even unseated the worlds top 3 riders. Only 24 of the 78 riders came back clear. Putting Badminton firmly back on the top.  The stormy conditions which it happened in added to it being the most contriversal event in recent years to hit the equestrian world. Yet hardly any coverage was given in the newspapers this Sunday Morning. Why? because sports

Created: 2014-05-11 Statistics

Stop the bullying of jale

Jale is getting bullied and victimised on this years big brother and they don't seem to be doing anything about it so let's sign this aNd get something done about it bullying hurts people and should not be going on and certainly should not be shown in tv as entertainment it's shocking and uncomfortable to watch !!!!!

Created: 2014-06-17 Statistics

Dedicate UK August Bank Holiday to Tony Benn

“If we can find money to kill people, we can find money to help people.” Tony Benn MPThis year a group of Conservative MPs called for the August Bank Holiday to be renamed in honour of late prime minister Margaret Thatcher. This was an idea is abhorrent to many, a reflection of the polarising nature of Margaret Thatcher - and the bid failed Tony Benn is universally respected as a man of co

Created: 2014-03-14 Statistics

keep your hands off our vital services

please can you help us by getting as many names to present to devon county council ,we want them to rethink the cuts a closures of our daycare centers,old peoples homesand youth services ,please show support to this very important part of our lives thanks very much

Created: 2014-03-04 Statistics

Green Seniors

Petition to Protect seniors benefits. Including the Freedom Pass, winter fuel allowance and free TV License

Created: 2014-02-13 Statistics

Katie Hopkins to spend a day with Mandy

We the undersigned, desperately want a documentary maker to produce (or help us) produce "A day with Mandy" where Katie Hopkins spends a day with Mandy Sellars and sees how someone in Mandy's position is unable to work and relies on benefits. Mandy Sellars ( has appeared in other documentaries, and on This Morning on ITV and is a well regarded and someone who always exceeds expectations. She, along with the rest of us, is tired to hearing how Katie thinks everyone is a scrou

Created: 2014-02-10 Statistics

cut accidents in lakenham

Norwich city council is refusing to alter the crossroads at long john hill / barrett road from the ammount of accidents in this area sign this petition to get the council to get this situation sorted

Created: 2014-01-27 Statistics

Petition about the cancer clusters around North Ayrshire

I am starting this petition hopefully if we can get enough signatures we can get an official enquiry to the spate of cancer cluster outbreaks in the north ayrshire area

Created: 2014-07-08 Statistics

Leicestershire Activity Park

LEICESTERSHIRE ACTIVITY PARK Our aim is to open a High Quality Indoor / Outdoor Activity Park near Loughborough, Leicestershire that caters All Ages. We will be providing facilities for Infants , Toddlers , Juniors , Teenagers and 20+ all within 3 buildings. There will also be Skills, Teaching and Care facilities within School Times. This project will be 100% Grant, Community, Sponsor and Investment funded and to get this project off the ground we have created this petition. The Project will be

Created: 2014-04-16 Statistics

Home for Christmas

Please help this young family, a mother and her two young children who are forced to live in terrible conditions in County Offaly are asking for the help of the public. The county council are refusing to offer her immediate accomatation even after pleading with them for the safety of her children, The youngest child is very unwell and needs constant medical attention. Lets get some signatures and get this family a warm comfortable home for christmas.

Created: 2014-11-02 Statistics

protect our children

Thank you for reading this petion. Its to stop the use of motorbikes, moto bikes, quads and any other motorized vehicle in our local park where our children play. These bikers use the roads, footpaths and our park illegally without registration plates, helmets or have any insurance if they hit your property or family. They have no care for those around them. The Police are powerless to stop the numpties from abusing our roads, paths and parks for their own use regardless who they hurt. Only Sund

Created: 2014-05-19 Statistics