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Support for Lars Bo Lomholt

We signing this petition supports the action of Policeofficer Lars Bo Lomholt, to save the german shepard Thor. We also are against the danish law 717 of 25 of june 2010, called the danish doglaw in it's current form.

Created: 2013-02-02 Statistics

Petition gegen die getarnte PFDJ-Kulturveranstaltung in Gießen

Petition gegen die getarnte PFDJ-Kulturveranstaltung in Gießen und zur Unterstützung von FORTO-2013 in Eritrea   An die Oberbürgermeisterin der Universitätsstadt Gießen 1. März.  2013 Sehr verehrte Frau Oberbürgermeisterin Dietlind Grabe-Bolz, heute findet hier eine Demonstration zur Unterstützung des Stadtparlaments Gießen statt, das sich im letzten Jahr gegen Veranstaltungen der PFDJ in Gießen ausgesprochen hat und zur Unterstützung der heroischen Meuterei gegen die PFDJ-Militärdiktatur

Created: 2013-02-13 Statistics

Petition for the arrival of low cost airlines in Nis

                  Sign the petition for the arrival of low-cost (low cost) airlines in Nis. With the arrival of such airlines at Nis airport, the airport would finally come to life, and allow direct connection to Europe. Arrival any airline and the establishment of direct flights from Nis, will mean a lot for this region of southeast Serbia and I Constantine the Great Airport. By signing are stopping the closure of the airport Nis! So be you and one of the signers! Signatures our petiti

Created: 2013-10-16 Statistics

We say "no" to additional Veolia lorry movements on bank holiday

After much objection by local people Veolia withdrew two planning applications to permanently increase lorry movements to the incinerator in Newhaven East Sussex on bank holidays. Instead they are using the back door by requesting the planning officer use his delegated powers to "relax" condition 28 of the original planning application for the incinerator.  Condition 28 was set down to protect local residents amenities and restricted lorry movements to the incinerator particularly on Bank Holida

Created: 2013-07-10 Statistics

Save the "Current Use" of the Convent Guardroom The plan is to convert the guardroom into the entrance of No. 6 and open a door to the left, as you look at it, to create a new guardroom where the current reception of No.6 is.  Military heritage, tradition, history....... hundreds of Gibraltarian soldiers, both men and women, have for years marched in and out of that guardroom. "No. 1 post Governor's Guard all's NOT well, Corporal!"

Created: 2013-04-22 Statistics


We believe that a proposal to outsource the integrated community equipment store within Brighton & Hove City Council is fundamentally wrong.  Council-run services are the best due to the commitment and training of committed staff who work within the service.  The service deals with some extremely vulnerable people in the community and profit should not be the motivation of such a service.  We therefore call upon Brighton and Hove city Councillors to reject this proposal and retain in-house s

Created: 2013-12-23 Statistics

Stop The Small Cages, Little Pet Warehouse

Little Pet Warehouse has long been a trusted company by many in the small pet community however a recent move by them to begin stocking cages below the minimum standards set by the RSPCA, animal welfare groups and the ever growing small pet community has angered and upset many. The issue with the new cages stocked by Little Pet Warehouse are as follows: - Hamster cages with floor sizes below the RSPCA's recommended minimum - 75x40x40cm and below the hamster communities personal minimum - 80x50x5

Created: 2013-09-14 Statistics

Tendring Free School

There is a need for a school specialising in the education of children on the Autistic Spectrum, in order to gain the necessary funding we need to gather as many interested parents as possible who would like to have an environment of support in the teaching of our spectrum children. The provision for children who have greater needs is covered by a number of schools in the Clacton/Colchester areas, however for our children who do not cope as well with mainstream school, we are looking to close th

Created: 2013-09-13 Statistics

Make a 8th Doctor Mini Series with Paul McGann

Paul McGann was brilliant in The TV Movie and "The Night of the Doctor" but we would like to see more mini episodes with him playing the 8th Doctor

Created: 2013-11-14 Statistics


Our little Liam has SMA - Spinal Muscular Astropy - ISIS Pharmaceuticals has an experimental drug called SMNRx that can save his life! We using this petition to pressure ISIS into allowing them to have the three experimental doses of SMNRx for Liam - the sooner the better as it is imperative that he be treated early on. Special authorization for this treatment has been granted to the family through Health Canada and the SAP program. HOWEVER - ISIS has not accepted the authorization! This petitio

Created: 2013-06-10 Statistics

save tiverton road baths .

Please help save our swimming baths . oldies young and everyone know and love Tiverton road baths ,i learnt to swim and got my school free pass in those days when tiverton road supported schools Galas and many events ,instruction classes etc through the ages .It holds many memories and we below think strongly the baths should remain for future generations . we lose to much of our history and dont want this old charm building to be a thing of the past ,it is useful to the community and neighbouri

Created: 2013-12-05 Statistics

Stop dog fouling in Southend!

This petition is going to be sent to Southend borough council to let them know how fed up we all are of the amount of Dog fouling that is on our streets every day. There are too many irresponsible dog owners who do not pick it up and let their dogs foul often right in the middle of the pavements! Whether it's more bins/signs/wardens/cctv, something needs to be done as it's got worse! The school runs are even more stressful for parents having to warn their children every minute to 'Mind the dog p

Created: 2013-10-03 Statistics

Objection to the extension of traveller site in Chiswell Green

The signatures below would like to object to the proposed planning application  5/2013/2986 submitted to St. Albans council on the 4/11/2013.  The below link shows the plans We would like to object to this based on the following reasons-  1) Inappropriate development  - This application contradicts national policy which clearly

Created: 2013-12-04 Statistics

Petition for the immediate withdrawal of the Licensing Regime

DO YOU USE THE INTERNET? TIME TO TAKE ACTION We, the undersigned, petition the members of the Parliament of the Republic of Singapore and the Minister of Communications and Information Mr Yaacob Ibrahim as follows :   Background and Preamble On Wednesday, 28 May 2013, the Media Development Authority (MDA) announced that online news sites with more than 50,000 unique viewers from Singapore a month would be asked to put up a S$50,000 performance bond and “comply within 24 hours to MDA’s directions

Created: 2013-05-31 Statistics

Induct- " NAZARETH" into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Scottish Rock Band "Nazareth" from Dunfermline, Fife . The band started in the early 60,s named "The SHADETTES" a change of name to "NAZARETH" saw the Band go from strength to strength with a string of hit singles and albums through out the World in the 70,s - as well as a great songwriting team - they had a habit of making other songwriters songs their own with their own unique style !. The Original Band of Dan McCafferty, Pete Agnew,Manny Charlton, Daryl Sweet, has had various line-up changes

Created: 2013-11-17 Statistics

this is a petition with regards to and war commander and the new updates IE the new hanger and the new way we can only repair are air this petition is to as kixeye to keep the new hanger but revert back to the old way of repair ing are air with out being or felling bullied into having to coin all the air that we not need to coin 1) we want kixeye to revert back to old way of repairing are air 2 ) keep the hanger but yes only replace fully repaird air 3) it kixeye dont agree to this we

Created: 2013-11-15 Statistics

Petition against the E1 settlement expansion

Voir ci-dessous pour la traduction française This is to draw attention to Israel's continued work on the huge settlement expansion known as E1 to the east of Jerusalem.  Although in 2005 and 2009, international pressure restrained Israel from going ahead with E1 , in the past few years Israel has prepared for development with new roads, infrastructure and the first buildings. The expanding settlements will join to Jerusalem, and together divide the West Bank in half. The project defies internat

Created: 2012-10-03 Statistics

Stop Animal Abuse in Korea

Open letter to the Korean Government:We, the undersigned urge you and your government to put an end to the cruelty and suffering of dogs and cats in your country Korea. We know that all over the country, animals destined for human consumption are maltreated, tortured before they are sold as human food. We do also know by now that in your country animal welfare nil. In your country Korea the below description is a normal life to millions of dogs and cats: - First they are catch or stolen, sometim

Created: 2011-07-08 Statistics

bishop of Chichester - save diocesan evangelist post

In an attempt to make cut backs the diocese of Chichester has cut the post of Diocesan Evangelist and the Youth Team. This is despite the Archbishop stating the very importance of evangelism in the church today. Please sign this petition if you agree that evangelism is vital in the life of the Church and within the Chichester diocese. This post has been efficiently and successfully held by a full time layworker, Captain Gordon Banks of the Church Army for 8 years.

Created: 2013-12-03 Statistics

save cab for 1 dover

cab for 1 got shut by the ddc for a while and i think it is wrong as there a good company, and the taxi's are cheaper then normal but that is besides the points, i booked with them monday too thursday and sometimes on weekends but always had good service people were always sooo nice and kind, it just made me wanna book with them more and i will be sure that many of you will agree with me, sooo if you agree with me please sign this petition and then they may re-open but we need everyone as a comm

Created: 2013-10-26 Statistics