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Sign Language to be put in the curriculum

1.2 million people have an hearing impairment in the UK that is 1 in 6 people. Having BSL (British Sign Language) put into the curriculum would help break down the barriers between deaf people, 55,000 children are deaf in the UK. Having sign language put into the curriculum would help break down those barriers. 

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This petition is to register our view of non consent to British Parliament, to their mandates or corporate laws pertaining to Covid legislation, passports or any mandated vaccination. We are under common law and our bodies are not under rule of the government, we shall not allow anything that contravines the Nuremberg Code upon us nor enter into any dialogue that does. We shall only remove this order of consent when there is a government in place that we agree with. The present government is act

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Punishment and responsibility from Atanas Mangarov

We all know what this individual has caused with his actions of disinformation. Atanas Mangarov should be held accountable for what he did. Your signature will bring him before the court!  

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SAICA releases the APC results prior to candidates being forced to rewrite.

SAICA has put forward the proposal that candidates will rewrite the APC exam prior to the results being released. This means that after SAICA's horrendous management of the APC writing process, they have not taken any consideration for candidates into account by deciding on their behalf when they will rewrite. The audacity to suggest candiates have to write twice based on SAICA's incompetence is a slap in the face that will not be accepted. This petition is to convey to SAICA that the candidates

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Make Wayden the King

I think we should make Wayden Hoare the king of England!

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Support app i-Smart MG EHS phev in Europe

Dear SAIC Motor Europe B.V., we formulate this petition to formally request support for the i-Smart application for the MG EHS PHEV model also for Europe. Apparently the car is ready to support this function but there is no software / server support. It is really disappointing that we cannot monitor the status of our car remotely, especially when it is being charged. We have trusted your brand by purchasing the car that has just landed on the European market, so the release of this function woul

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make higher drama exams realistic

the written exam for higher drama is too difficult. we spend hours with our faces in books to learn how to over analyse a scene. these "skills" we spend hours stressing over do not help us embrace our passions for acting or directing. writing 2 essays and doing questions in the written exam is hard enough but we also need to learn 2 scripts and all the blocking for the scripts for our practical exams. if the written exam was easier we would have more time to prepare ourselfs for our practical ex

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Induct Tom O'Horgan into The Hall of Fame

We would like to take this opportunity to nominate Director Tom O'Horgan to The Theater Hall Fame.Tom O'Horgan, throughout his career, guided and created works that became the foundation upon which so many future Productions, Performers, Writers and Composers would build upon to create their own unique and dynamic art.A brief review of the Hall of Fame Members reveal so many that collaborated with Tom to bring magic to the stage. Whether as Performers, Designers or Producers each of them would t

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Objection of Proposed Parking Restrictions and Zoning

Dear friends Local residents have learned of a proposal by the LB of Harrow to introduce parking restrictions in a number of roads including Cherry Tree Way (off Old Church Lane).  Folk are very unhappy with this proposal and feel there has been a lack of consultation on why it is necessary.  I understand the local Ward Councillors are objecting. I am aware of other petitions being collected from local residents and Stanmore Montessori.  Indeed The Ridgeway Residents' Association is meeting in t

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Lets turn Penybont Primary School caretakers home into a family and education hub!

We would like to support Mr Owen and the staff of Penybont to take an old run down building that is being continuously vandalised (formerly the caretakers home) and use this space as a flexible support system to educate and support the families within the school and the wider community. This community hub will be open and accessible, confidential and non-discriminative to anyone wishing to use their services.  It is hoped that the space available can be utilised to provide an allotment area for

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