We the undersigned agree that WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) should no longer allow their name, trademarks and licenses be used by Cat Daddy Games, the makers of WWE Supercard mobile game. The reasons we are asking for this to happen is because of Cat Daddy's lack of acceptable and professional customer service. The company itself has admitted that the game has flaws when it comes to playing pay to play features such as the Road To Glory and People's Champion Challenge and even posted on their own websites forums that they acknowledge the issues. Customers who have complained to the company are brushed off and given very short quick responses without any acceptable compensation being offered. A company that takes people's hard earned money and knowingly has a flawed product should not be allowed to continue to use the name of a wildly popular entertainment company to lure people in so that can present a flawed product in hopes of acquiring money from unsuspecting fans.

Should the company change their business practices or at least change the way the handle the myriad of complaints regarding the issues mentioned above we the undersigned would gladly drop our petition. It is not fair to the undersigned that Cat Daddy Games can just take our money , give us a flawed product and do nothing to compensate the loyal persons who have supported this venture since day one.

In closing we feel cheated, conned and ripped off by this shoddy service and feel a multi billion dollar company like WWE should no longer let their name and reputation be harmed by a business that obviously puts making money first and customer service second. Without customers like us they would not be in business and we agree this should be addressed. Thank you for your time and support in this issue.