We want a new pharmacy for South Queensferry

My wife and I applied for an NHS contract to dispense prescriptions in the new pharmacy we are planning to open in South Queensferry to serve the town’s rapidly growing population. The local consultation revealed a high level of dissatisfaction with the two existing pharmacies which are clearly buckling under the strain of this growing demand.

But, incredibly, the application was rejected,  leaving the local monopoly intact; safe from competition no matter how badly they perform or how many complaints they receive.

We are appealing this decision and need your help.

Please sign our petition to ask the NHS to review and reverse this unfortunate decision. Ask them to give proper consideration and weight to the following indisputable facts:

1.The overwhelming majority of consultation respondents complained of ‘gaps and deficiencies’ in the current service.

2.Unprecedented levels of complaint against Lloyds pharmacies.

3.Strong letters of support from all elected representatives and the Community Council.

4.The huge population expansion in the area due to new housing developments.

5.The fact that patients are having to travel outside their neighbourhood to access adequate pharmacy services.

By signing this petition, you will be giving us a chance to realise our dream and give the people of South Queensferry and surrounds the pharmacy service they need and deserve. At the very least, you will be giving them a choice.

Thank you,

William and Lynn Samson



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