Waterpolo, also for girls!


The Board of Directors of the Royal Belgian Swimming Federation, wants to get rid of mixed youth teams for children between 11 and 18 years old. The reason behind this decission is the "integrity" of the girls. The Board fears any possible "irregularities" towards girls in the changing rooms, or in the swimming pool.
For girls who choose to play waterpolo, this means they won't be able to play waterpolo anymore, starting from season 2016-2017. Because no Belgian team has enough girls to start a "girls-only" youth team. People who know only the smallest bit about waterpolo, know there is a huge respect between boys and girls in the water. And on top of that, it 's obvious that every club makes sure that girls have their own changing rooms when they play in mixed teams.
However, in other "contact sports," like soccer or rugby for example, we do have mixed youth teams. Should our girls drop out of the sport they love, and choose one of these?
That 's why we explicitly ask the board (KBZB) NOT to proceed with this decision. It is, in our humble opinion, discriminating towards those girls who choose to play this beautiful sport. Girls want to compete for the national title as well.

If you share our opinion, please sign this petition! Together we want show our girls, we support them! Girls who choose to play waterpolo, choose to play deliberatly! And we want to see them play, together with their male friends of their own age!

Now and in the future!

The Parents of the dissapointed Belgian waterpolo boys and girls.