Unknown Warehouse Rave

We have been associated with raving for around ten years now and we have not met a nicer community of people than ravers. True ravers go to raves for the music, not drugs! Most people in the rave scene believe P.L.U.R stands for peace, love, unity, and respect. These are considered the four pillars of the rave scene. Why would you want to stop a sub-culture that endorses love towards all men and women? Why would you want to stop a sub-culture geared towards getting together, dancing together, and enjoying the freedom? 

This petition is only asking that we be allowed to live our lives free to dance all night in a safe environment if we feel the desire to! 

It is with all this stated that we are asking everyone that reads this petition, whether you are a raver or not, to please sign! Considering this petition will be presented to Sunderland City Council with our next event notice, to lift the ban on our first legitimate warehouse rave. 

Let Us Rave!