Under Armour needs to Honour OUR orders

Back on May the 19th Under Armour was advertising specific coloured items of clothing at discounted prices, In the days that passed Under Armour decided to both cancel these orders but keep people’s money I myself am still waiting 10 days after my order was placed and my order confirmation/receipt was issued I neither have received goods or been refunded.


I believe mine and other orders were made in good faith and should be honoured.

Under Armour have activitely not done enough to return customers money and whilst they have our money this constitutes a legally binding contract of goods purchased.

A refund should have been made to all customers in a timely manner and communication advising customers affected immediately on May the 20th.


please Join me in petitioning against the thievery that can not go without notice!

This #WILL be given to your house Under Armour!

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