Uganda Government: Reverse Reflexology Ban ASAP

On 24 March 2011 the Minister of Health in Uganda Dr. Stephen Malinga made a controversial – and possibly illegal – ministerial statement at the Government’s Media Centre through which he arbitrarily stripped every person in Uganda of the right to enjoy, practise, profess or promote Reflexology. According to Dr. Malinga, Reflexology should be banned and Conventional Medicine given stronger protection by the Government. This ban has already registered a chilling effect on Reflexologists and practitioners of other complementary and natural healthcare therapies in Uganda.

No person in Uganda or elsewhere should be arbitrarily deprived of the benefits of Reflexology or any other therapeutic system of their choice. Reflexologists and practitioners of other conventional and natural healthcare therapies are equally entitled to the protection that governmental regulations provide. Denying Reflexologists that right is not the way to reform Uganda's health sector — it is simply a political manoeuvre to take out Reflexologists and hurt Reflexology.

The actions of Dr. Malinga are a disgrace to democracy, good governance and human rights.

Lawyer Isaac S. Kimaze    Contact the author of the petition