Think again on ambulance response times.

Dear sir / madam,
As a person who has had 2 strokes I am disgusted about the news of the ambulance response times,that for strokes the response times for a ambulance is going from 8 minutes now to a total of 19 minutes.medically, we are always told , adverts ect to act fast, and that the sooner. A person acts the more is saved, if this is allowed to happen , sooner rather than later, there will I feel be deaths, We the people need to stand up and be counted and stop this uncaring government. From doing this ...
and hear is a verse and my words about this subject ,,

...... Hands Off Our Services .....

Jeremy hunt this totally proves you don't know what your doing,
To make ambulance times longer for strokies is a stupid ruling,
This is people's life's with what your playing about,
If you can't reconise that then get the hell out,

It's a medical fact as adverts say that you got to act fast,
Now your saying don't rush they will last,
Well excuse bloody me strokes are a clot or a bleed,
And action to be sorted quickly is a absolute need,

What your doing could cost someone their life,
And I hope to be here to see you fall on your own knife ,
Just leave our ambulances and hospitals alone
Or when you need it you might not find it at your own home

Thank you one and all for reading this . .....