The removal of Jeremy Vine

 Jeremy Vine needs to go. Recently stated on national TV in respect of the covid vaccines "what can we do apart from hold them down by force" this kind of language is abhorrent and totally unacceptable to a large portion of the public that have received none stop coercive and threatening messages throughout this vaccine campaign, it is now weaponised. People are losing their jobs, their income, their homes. A presenter who is meant to be impartial should not be in a position of influence who clearly has some invested interests to force this on the public.  The vaccine does not prevent transmission of the delta variant, our cases are escalating, channel 5 is complicit in publicising inaccurate scientific  messages. Many people are experiencing terrible side effects which are totally unrepresented. Channel 5 will be held responsible for any messaging that could ultimately lead to anyone's harm. 
We ask for his removal, a sincere public apology and for your heavy coercive messaging to conclude hence forth. 

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