The Grumpy Cook - Bale House, Fairlight

We are residents of Hastings and have been deeply involved in our local community for years. One of the cornerstones of our community is a beloved cafe (The Grump Cook) that has become more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee. It's where friendships are formed, where groups meet and evolve and where the spirit of our community shines. However, this integral part of our lives is under threat. The closure would not only mean losing out an important social hub but also deprive many residents from their chance to meet up with friends. According to AgeUK (2019) social interaction in local establishments like cafes can significantly reduce feelings of loneliness among older adults. Furthermore, research by the Mental Health Foundation (2016) suggests that such places can also contribute positively to mental health by providing spaces for people to connect with others. The loss would be immeasurable - not just in cups served or pastries baked - but in shared laughs, stories told and friendships made.  This isn't just about preserving a very popular cafe; it's about preserving what makes us who we are in the community. We urge those responsible for the future of the cafe to reconsider their stance on future action regarding this cafe. Let us keep this beacon alight for friendship and camaraderie within Fairlight and Hastings alive.

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