The Barn Nursery BOTW Reinstate the registration of Alison Cort

We the parents of children utilising the Services of The Barn Nursery, (1 willow Court, GL542HQ), petition against the outrageous behaviour of the Ofsted inspector in suspending the registration of Alison Cort (RE: EY462430\C185233) following the publication of a report in the Cotswold Journal and the subsequent phone call of the reporter to Ofsted enquire whether the nursery had been closed down or was open. Ofsted have treated this as a complaint and suspended Alison Cort registration without considering evidence and looking at the truth which is that The Barn Nursery has reopened under Alison Cort’s management and Mrs. Carol Cort is not involved in the business any longer.

We demand an immediate reinstatement of Alison’s Cort’s registration to provide childcare services.