Stop the excessive building at No.8 Brookhouse Road

We need your help.

The council have washed their hands in helping us reduce the size of the extension currently being built at N0.8 Brookhouse Road.

The problems we are facing as Neighbours:

The extension has exceeded the submitted plans by 1.5+ metres wide at the rear. None of the design or build is according to the plans submitted and approved by the council.

A hand drawn 45 Degree angle plan was submitted by the owner, this plan was approved and later found to be incorrect to which the council admitted thier failing to recognise this as being incorrect but have said there is nothing they can do. The failings from the council now means that No.6 is having to suffer from less light due to the oversized extension.

The design of the house is setting a presedence in the street and the area

No consideration for neighbours sunlight and view (no.10 and No.6)

Dangerous parking on the bend, always around 2-5 cars parked outside on the road, making the bend very dangerous even though the council have specifically said they need to park 3 cars on their drive. 

No consideration for working hours, the council have advised working hours of 9-5 but they daily exceed these times and are banging away after 7pm

We need your help in stopping the owners from continuing their build and removing or demolishing the over size abomination of an extension. 

The more signatures we have the more of a case we have to get the council to help. We have been living with so much stress and anxiety since the building work started 2 years ago, we need to put a stop to this.






 Multiple cars parked on the road on a bend causing danger to other road usersPorch.jpg

Huge porch which is not according to plans submited, not to mention how different the house looks on the entire street. 



Pillars over 1 metre causing blind spots when pull out of drive at the bend.



Not sure how they are getting away with this, the Dorma is huge and they are planning on having a window facing their next door neighbours garden which I am sure is against the law.


This photo represents the sun being blocked at around 11am. The owners of No.8 disregarded the 45 Degree requirement when building. As you can see, the building is so large that it blocks the sun from over half of the house.

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