Stop speeding along Woodford Road, Byfield, Northants.

Traffic travelling along Woodford Road, in Byfield is becoming heavier there are many reasons but the building of extra houses in the village of Woodford Road is one cause. The road is on a school route and many young children have to walk along the road daily, there is no safe place to cross the road, and traffic ignore the roundabout at the junction with the A361 road which is the only place to cross by driving straight over it putting pedestrians at risk.

There has recently been a fatal accident along tne road where a pedestrian eas knoced dow and killed by a vehicle travellin from Woodford Halse, and a month ago a speeding vehicle demolished some railings after leaving the road and alomst struck a pedestrian. 

No one seems to wants to take responsibility for the safety of pedestrians, please sign the petition and help to improve road safety.