Stewart Road Gate - Re-opening and Access

  • Closing the Stewart Road Gate access to St George's School increases the distance walked for a commuting student from 230m to 810m - which is 580m extra walking each way.
  • That equates to an ADDITIONAL 1 KILOMETRE each day or @24mins extra each day. With a heavy backback and reducing time which could be otherwise spent with family or studying, this has a material impact on both students and families.
  • In addition, there is a concern that the additional footfall on the narrow Carlton Road pavement may result in increased physical risk to students who may otherwise step into the road and oncoming traffic, increasing the risk of serious injury. Or otherwise possibly to other risk of harm late in the evening, especially in winter.
  • This petition asks if the school could reconsider this decision and instead consider alternatives such as a simple number combination or fob lock for students, time lock or designated access key holders to lock/unlock the gate before and after school.
  • We respect and understand the safety of students and to protect against vandalism but would be grateful if a consultation or further consideration could be held ASAP before the onset of autumn and impending winter.
  • Please sign if you would like to support this petition.
  • Thank you


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