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signal-2022-08-25-21-37-57-516.jpgSafoora Zargar, a student activist leader, incarcerated under UAPA for her role in the anti CAA-NRC movement, is being denied regular extensions to complete her MPhil.
The Department of Sociology at the Jamia Millia University is denying Safoora’s rightful asks as a MPhil/PhD candidate.
During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis through 2020 and 2021, university campuses and facilities were shut down, causing immense difficulties for the student and research communities. As compensation, research scholars were granted multiple extensions en masse. But not Safoora. She was deemed ineligible for more than one extension without
adequate justifications and was asked to apply for extensions under other clauses, but was denied even that. Despite being pregnant, fighting court cases, and dealing with the pandemic restrictions, Safoora managed to complete her fieldwork and received three satisfactory reviews of her thesis progress.
But now in the last mile, Safoora has hit roadblocks! Completing all her academic milestones on time, and having appealed through all official channels, her repeated requests for reviews and her pleas for extensions have been denied. For the past few months, the department has been obstinate and opaque in its responses to her, has called her rightful if
persistent requests ‘rude’ and ‘adamant’, and is now threatening her with cancellation of admission.
In the face of such discrimination, Safoora NEEDS your support! We must stand up in solidarity with Safoora and help safeguard the rights and interests of students, who are vital to our democracy. Safoora lent her voice and her energies to push back against some seriously discriminatory citizenship laws. Now she needs our support and help to push back
on discrimination against her. As conscientious members of the civil society, we urge you to sign this petition seeking redressal for Safoora. Together, we demand that the Department of Sociology at Jamia Millia Islamia clarify their position and grant her the necessary extensions and reviews so she may successfully complete her MPhil – a degree she was worked hard towards, in the face of great difficulty and sacrifice.
To sign this petition, click on the link below and pass it on to your peers, who will join you in standing with Safoora! #standwithsafoora

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