Spring Wood Estate allotment

Dear neighbors,
I wanted to bring to your attention a matter concerning a field within our estate. Currently, the estate is struggling to decide what to do with this space, and I believe there is a greater purpose for it than just extending the woodlands.  ( top end of woodlands)
I was proposing that we consider creating an allotment in this field. Not only would this endeavor bring our community together, but it would also foster positive communication among neighbours. Furthermore, it presents a valuable opportunity to educate not only adults but also children about gardening and the benefits of growing our own food.
Having an allotment would not only be beneficial for the community but also for our personal well-being. It would provide us with an opportunity to eat healthy, fresh produce and engage in a rewarding activity that promotes wellness and relaxation.
To gain people's thoughts in this idea, I have created a petition. I kindly ask that you take a moment to sign the petition and express your thoughts for establishing an allotment within our estate. With enough signatures, we can present this proposal to the estate management and discuss the feasibility of this project further.  Yorkshire housing and leeds counci are fully on support with this idea. 
Please don't forget to leave your name and comments (or initials) also, to check your emial and to confirm your petition
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Best regards,

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