Our Goal: Our shared goal is to see educated standards and proven policies instituted and maintained at the Merl Grove High School, which are in the best interest of all Students and Educators



I am in support of the information contained herein

Simone Thomas (Brampton, 2021-09-10)


I agree with petitioners.

Kadian Cohen (Ocala , 2021-09-10)


I am signing because this is the beginning of the school year and in the middle of the pandemic.

Stacy-Ann Bailey (Gatineau, 2021-09-10)


The order and handling of matters highlighted do not follow principle, policy or common decency which are to be core values in our education system. I sign for matters to be resolved ASAP for the young ladies the institution is to serve. I sign for the future of our young women.

Carreann Hall (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I stand with Dr Fullerton and I have seen the great development in the girls and the school.

Sorcha Anderson (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


What happened to Dr Fullerton is a result of greed, jealousy and anger. It is illegal and evil will NEVER win.

Janiel Rowe (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


Because people should not be allowed to remove people from positions just because they don't like them! It is not possiblr nor right to stay silent. Rosa Parks, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King are my inspiration!

Claudette Cameron (Brampton, 2021-09-10)


Dr Fullerton is the right choice for our girls.

Stacy Ann Hodge (Fort Lauderdale, 2021-09-10)


I need Dr Fullerton reinstated as principal

Sharikay Mcdougal (Brooklyn , 2021-09-10)


I am signing to see justice being served for Dr. Fullerton to return as principal. David Hall being removed as Chairman and Ms Ricketts being removed as VP

Surona Williams (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I stand with DR.Fullerton.

Andriola Proudlove (Drumheller, 2021-09-10)


Dr Fulleron is the best principal Merl Grove High have ever seen and it's a know fact. I believe she is the person best for the job to take the school to its highest level.

Lishoun Wilson (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I do not agree with her termination.

Romonea preddie (Kingston 17, 2021-09-10)


I think they acted unfairly against Dr. Fullerton.

Kerisha Tyrell (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I am a past student of Merl Grove High School and I have seen the great job Dr. Fullerton is doing at my alma mater.

Tivany Skeine (Colorado Springs , 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because I support my principal Dr.Fullerton.

Serena Graham (Spanish Town St.Catherine , 2021-09-10)


This is unacceptable. I completely disagree with this and we need to reinstate Everyone that was robbed of their positions NOW!!!

Jada Jones (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I am signing because I believe Dr Fullerton has been doing an excellent job as the Principal of Merl Grove High School. I believe she has positively transformed the image of the school and by further extension, the young ladies that she leads.

Roxanne Barnard (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


My teacher asked me to

Jhaniel Lawrence (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


Dr Fullerton was not perfect but she did her best for the school and did her best to make all of us better and intelligent and respectable young ladies.

Aderianna Nairne (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


The disrespect towards Dr. Fullerton by the Board Chairman and the Vice Principal.

Sanchia Adamson (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I am signing in the best interest of Merl Grove High School and Dr. Fullerton has Merl Grove's (the girls) best interest at heart.

Kadian Derby (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I believe in principles.

Lenesha Williams (Kingston , 2021-09-10)



Brianna Wickham (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


My daughter is now attending this institution which I was apart of and Dr Fullerton who I know personally is doing a great job with these girls! I would love for my daughter to be apart of her vision.

Telany Muir-Gayle (Jamaica, 2021-09-10)


For one, I am a past student of MGHS. Secondly, the action portrayed by the Board and everyone else involved, is unprofessional, unethical and does not follow proper procedure as it relates to any actions needing to be taken. Thirdly, this distinguish institution's excellence and growth speaks for itself under Dr. Fullerton's leadership and guidance.

Isis Williams (Lake Worth, 2021-09-10)


Dr.Majorie Fullerton otherwise known as merl grove high school's principal was illegally removed as principal by the new board chairman.

Diamonique Vassell (St.catherine, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing this petition because it is unfair to us and Dr.Fullerton to be removed as principal of Merlgrove High School as she has been doing alot for us and the School from the first day she got promoted as our principal. There is no other person who can do the job she has done or has been doing for the 4 years ive been at Merlgrove for she has shown so many growth towards the School and its members.

Tiara Maxson (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I am a passed student of Merl Grove ,and would like to see Dr Fullerton reinstate to her position as the Principal of Merl Grove High School.

Carvo Fairley (Philadelphia , 2021-09-10)


I stand with Dr Fullerton. She is a true visionary! Mrs Ricketts only wants power based on jealousy, she does not care about the children!

Dana Ashley (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


Dr Fullerton has been the corner stone of MGHS and has been doing an excellent job.

Alethia Salmon (Gillingham Kent, 2021-09-10)


I strongly believed that Dr. Fullerton is indeed treated unfairly.

Rose-ann Brown (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I am in full agreement

Saleicha Campbell (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I have witnessed and experienced the quality and of Mrs Fullerton as teacher and Principal.

Paulette Smith (Cairo , 2021-09-10)


I am a past student and doc Fullerton is a woman of standard and best suited for the job and also is being bullied out of her job without legal grounds

Veneshia Buckley (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


Because I love prini

LEXIANNA HENRY (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


we need back our principal that has done soooo much to improve the school

Annastacia price (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I would like Dr. Fullerton to get her position back as Merl Grove Highschool principal

Makayla Walters (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


What they did was wrong

Phebe Humes (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I need my principal back in office

Rochelle James (St Andrew , 2021-09-10)


I am signing because our girls deserve the best and the best is Dr. Fullerton. Decisions should be made in the best interest of our current and future sisters and not solely those of the board. If it isn't broken dont fix it. God Bless you all.

Kamala Russell-Ferron (St. Catherine , 2021-09-10)


We the past students and the current students of Merl Grove High School need Dr. Fullerton in office, effective immediately!!!

Geneva Rainford-McLean (East Orange , 2021-09-10)


I would like Dr. Fullerton to be reinstated as principal. Also for Ms. Ricketts to be removed with immediate effect from the school.

Davian Tucker (St. Andrew , 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because you don't remove effective leadership that works. Dr. Fullerton fruit speaks for itself. She has made a significant difference in the legacy of Merl Grove. Allow her to finish her assignment!

Chevoy Furze (Windsor, 2021-09-10)


Because I Need Dr. Fullerton to ramin as principal of Merl Grove High School

Sadeke Hutchindon (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I signed because I support Dr Fullerton as principal of MGHS.

Vinnette Wright (Scarborough, 2021-09-10)


I would like to see the matter handled in a just manner and in the best interest of the institution. What took place is just not right.

Schera Findlatter (Mandeville, 2021-09-10)


I'm a past student who believes that Dr. Fullerton has been unfairly treated!

Chris-Ann Nunes (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


Good evening, Miss Doctor Fullerton is the best principal Merl Grove ever had based on my research. We need her and her time to step down hasn’t come as yet.

Jada Ashley (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


My Sister Needs A Great Principal!

Tabianna Stennett (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because I would like Mrs . Fullerton suspension to be retracted and for the necessary changes to be made as stated about in this petition

Kadesha Murdock (Kingston 20, 2021-09-10)


Dr Fullerton needs to be reinstated

Nadine Burnett-Needham (Calgary , 2021-09-10)


I support whatever needs to be done to reinstate Dr. Fullerton to her rightful post as head Principal at my former institution Merl Grove High School

Kerie Grant (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


This is unacceptable
we need our principal back
we need Dr.Fullerton

iyana campbell (🇯🇲, 2021-09-10)


Because we want back the principal that we had

Sunshine Reid (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I stand by Dr Fullerton

Zienisha Bailey-Grant (Weston , 2021-09-10)


I stand by Dr. Fulton

Natoya Berry (Brooklyn, 2021-09-10)



Rebecca Rowe (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I see the problems within the institution and wish to support MGHS in their quest to reinstate Dr.Fullerton

Diana Ross (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I want Dr Fullerton to be reinstate at Hargrove high school and miss Ricketts to be removed with immediate effect

Tania Blackwood (At Andrew, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because I believe Dr.Fullerton should remain the principal of💛 Merl Grove High School💙. This is so because she goes the extra mile to ensure that every GEM 💎 is comfortable, motivated and is given the highest quality education.

Natassia Henry (St. ANDREW, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because this is utmost disrespectful and unprofessional for what they did to the principal

Tamoy Boyd (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


Dr. Fullerton should remain the principal of merl grove high school. She has contributed tremendous for the benefits of her students academics so that we can be well rounded ladies in the future. As she always says "we are created for success and designed to win". That can only happen under her supervision.

Tiyanna Clarke (St. Andrew, 2021-09-10)


I am signing this because I am a Merl Grove past student and I've seen Dr. Fullerton passion and dedication to this school. Please do not give someone else this position that doesn't care and have the passion for the students at this institution.

Tameka Lawrence (Henrietta , 2021-09-10)


I’m signing this petition because this is an act of jealousy towards Dr.fullerton and greediness… Merl Grove would crumble and fall without her as the principal.

Gianna Clayton (At.Andrew, 2021-09-10)


I am signing because I believe in Dr. Fullerton’s vision for Merl Grove and it’s students.

Sherica Metayer (Boston , 2021-09-10)


I support Dr Fullerton 100%

Kenisha Crooks (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because dr. Fullertin is the best principal ever....

Toniann Campbell (St.Andrew, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing this because since being at the Merl Grove i have been treated with the utmost respect and care from Dr. Fullerton. I wish to continue my education knowing that she is in charge of the school as she has shown great courage and dignity to me and my fellow gems

Reana Bennett (Kingston, 2021-09-10)



Qûëëñ Èmprëss (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I’m signing because doctor Marjorie Fullerton,my principal,has been nothing but good to us …I’ve know her for the past 5years where she has grown unto me .she has always tried to help individuals doing the little she can ,we get an advisor,principal and a mother figure all from her
When times got really rough for the 2021 CSEC and CAPE students she showed us a light every single morning ,throughout the course of every single day …so I’d like my principal to be reinstated please and thank you🙏

Kelly Mullings (Portmore , 2021-09-10)


i personally believe she is one of the best principals yet, and she has done amazing things for the school. she along side her staff made it possible for my daughter to enjoy learning at merl grove high school and she deserves to be principal. she don’t deserve to just lose her position!!

Lushana Wynter (kingston, 2021-09-10)


Dr Fullerton is an amazing leader ,one that helped to build Merl Grove high school and molded its students .

Denecia Spence (Northlauderdale , 2021-09-10)



Nicole Lawrence (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I'm a past student and the parent of a current student and I support Dr Fullerton

Taneshia Clarke (East Hartford , 2021-09-10)


I'm am signing because Dr Fullerton has been the best Principal that this noble institution has had in a very long time.

Nikeita Trail (Portmore, 2021-09-10)


Because of unlawful termination

Jody Kaye Leckie (St Catharines, 2021-09-10)


I stand with my Principal. Mrs Ricketts and Mr Hall NEED TO GO

Ms Jay (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


Proper procedure need to be taken about this situation

Monita Robinson-Thewet (Phillipsburg, 2021-09-10)


Dr. Fullerton has been a wonderful principal and its not her time to leave.

Lauren Ennis (Jamaica, 2021-09-10)


Mrs Fullerton needs to continue as the principal.

Cornelia Smith (Stamford, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing this petition because I want Dr. Fullerton to remain as principal

Jada Davis (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


The basess on the removal of Dr Fullerton which is wrong

Lotoya Young (Portmore , 2021-09-10)


Mr. Fullerton should be the principal and the best fit

Althenia Latty (Oxford, 2021-09-10)



Princess McKay (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


She is doing good job at school

Kenisha Smith Clarke (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I am signing because i want Dr .Fullerton to remain the principal of Merl Grove High School .

Jinelle Heron (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


Dr Fullerton is good for the school if individuals will take the time out to view the bigger picture. This is about the school and not anyone personal feelings.

Tameka Lindsay (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


Im singing because Doctor Fullerton has been nothing but good to us.

Ceandra Jackson (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I am a past student (1975) and Alumni on Merl Grove High School and I am in full agreement with the concerns set forth in this petition

Ann Elliott (New York, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because I care

Nericia Robinson (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I am signing this petition because I support all the matters outline herein and stand behind the stance taken.

Roxanne Anderson (Kingsto, 2021-09-10)


To have Dr Fullerton retain as principal

Cashaine Dyce (Orlando, 2021-09-10)


I stand with the Principal Dr Marjorie Fullerton

Court Posh (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I stand with Dr Marjorie Fullerton. #BEST principal ever.

Courtney-Ann Smith (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I'm signing up because I'd like for the management board of the Merl Grove High School to retain Dr. Marjorie Fullerton as principal of the institution.

Tessanne Bryan (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


Danielle Hemmings

Danielle Hemmings (Toronto, 2021-09-10)


This is unacceptable.

Delika Hunt (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


Im signing because Dr.Fullerton is a wonderful woman who shows leadership skills and knows how to communicate with us as ladies. She needs to be reinstated immediately as principal of Merl Grove High School

Latoya Mclarty (Chaguanas, 2021-09-10)


I do not support the suspension or planned removal of The Peincipal of Merl Grove High School, Mrs Majorie Fullerton.

Donnette Corrie-Williams (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


DR Fullerton is who MGHS needs

Althea A White (Shanghai, 2021-09-10)


I am a class of 99 past student, I have known Mrs Fullerton to be a very great asset to Merl Grove High School. Since she have been promoted principal. I have seen many great improvements in the school. She deserves to remain the principal of the School. She has proven her worth.

Racquel DixonClemmings (Portmore, 2021-09-10)


I am signing because I strongly believe that Mrs Fullerton should remain principal at Merl Grove High. She is an exceptional principal.

Simone McDonald (Mount Juliet, 2021-09-10)


I believe in children not being shortchanged

Karen Bent (Brooklyn, 2021-09-10)


I believe Dr. Fullerton is the best principal for the school and for the girls

Nicole Powell (St. Catherine, 2021-09-10)


Dr. Fullerton needs to be reinstated

Rochelle Wright (Waldorf, 2021-09-10)


Dr. Marjorie Fullerton

Abigail Henry (Jamaica, 2021-09-10)


I am signing this petition because I have seen the improvement at Merl Grove under the leadership of Dr. Fullerton.

Ammaletta Campbell (Scarborough , 2021-09-10)


Because Dr. Fullerton was wrongfully removed

Naida Simpson (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because I believe it's unfair to suspend the current principal of our school. Attending this school for the past five years our principal, Dr. Fullerton, has worked hard ensuring that all is well with all members of the school as well as serving us to the best of her abilities. I think it's unfair to suspend such a great principal like herself. Being a part of the class of 2021, I would love to see her continue her work at Merl Grove High School.

Aaliyah Barrett (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


I am a Merl Grove Old girl and I am looking out for the interest of the current student and staff of the school. I embrace and support what they are trying to accomplish via this medium.

Misha Harris (Portmore, 2021-09-10)


I am signing because i am a past student of this wonderful high school and its unacceptable that Dr Fullerton is being removed from her duties as a principal..plz to reconder your decision thank you ..

Suzette Henry (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


To support our youths

Natoya Grant (Kingston 13, 2021-09-10)


I want doctor Fullerton at merl Grove high school

Ladia Campbell (Kingston, 2021-09-10)


Need update on the reasons of the principal suspension, as well she's my daughter role model

Bereford Morgan (St. Andrew , 2021-09-10)


Reassignment of Mrs. Fullerton as Principal

Stacy Senior (St. Catherine , 2021-09-10)


Mrs. Fullerton deserves her place as principal. She has made and shaped Merl grove High school into the amazing place it is today. She might not be perfect. But atleast she showed us hard work and dedication towards both the students and the school family in general. She is a very dedicated person and should not be fired. I believe in fairness and equality.

Jody-ann Treleven (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


I'm signing because i want Dr.Fullerton to retain her position as the principal of Merl Grove High School.

Leonie Harris (St.Mary , 2021-09-10)


I'm signing this because it's the right thing to do.

Sashauna Davis (Kingston , 2021-09-10)


Because of the removal of Mr.Fullerton

Kennesha James (Elmont , 2021-09-11)


Dr. Fullerton was unjustly removed and needs to be reinstated.

Samantha Clarke (HOLLIS, 2021-09-11)


Petition for the reinstatement of Dr Marjorie Fullerton back in her position as Principal of our beloved Merl Grove High School, she is doing an exceptional job with the students and the school.

Audrey Thomas (Mississauga , 2021-09-11)


Dr Fullerton is a foundation of the Merl Grove High. She has been doing an excellent job with our girls. She has high standards and moral and is respected by everyone. Dr Fullerton should remain as principal.

Racquel Mcleod (Montego Bay, 2021-09-11)


Dr Fullerton is doing a fine job as Principal for MGHS

Audrey Bryan (Stoney Creek , 2021-09-11)


Mrs. Fullerton, has always been a great educator. She always uphold rules but also made us as students feel welcome. She is easy to talk to, and always gives good advice, which steers us in the right direction.

Shenieka Salmon (Portmore, 2021-09-11)


Because I love Merl Grove and she is a good Principal

Kerry-Ann Smiley (Panama City , 2021-09-11)


For Dr fullerton to remain as principal

Reyanna Rhule (Kingston , 2021-09-11)


I agree

Khadija Shepherd (kingston, 2021-09-11)


I agree with this petition

Cheryl Levy-Thames (Kingston, 2021-09-11)


For doctor Fullerton to return teaching at merl grove high

Ackayla Wright (Jamaica , 2021-09-11)



Mikealah johnson (Union , 2021-09-11)


I’m support this petition and the hard work and dedication of Dr.Fullerton.

Carissa Carwin (Nagoya , 2021-09-11)


I don’t want to loose my principal.

Jada Robinson (Kingston, 2021-09-11)


I want my principal back in office

Azeka Scarlett (Kingston16, 2021-09-11)


I stand with the Principal

Julissa Rowe (Kingston , 2021-09-11)


I want Dr Fullerton to stay principal

Netanya Austin (Kingston, 2021-09-11)


Our shared goal is to see educated standards and proven policies instituted and maintained at the Merl Grove High School, which are in the best interest of all Students, Educators, and all parties at our campus.

Alanna-Cai Shaw (Kingston, 2021-09-11)


I am in agreement with the matters stated in the petition above

Linnette McLean (Kingston, 2021-09-11)


I'm Signing Because Dr Fullerton Is The Greatest Principal Of All Time She Might Have Her Ways But I Wouldn't Trade Her For Nobody Else We Love Dr Fullerton

Alexia Spencer (Kingston , 2021-09-11)


She should not be removed

Feleisha Simms (Kingston, 2021-09-11)


I think that Dr. Fullerton knows best how to help students improve in making Merl Grove the #1 choice for girls furthermore she's a great school mom and is very emotionally helpful and that's a spot that no one else can fill.

Solonge Stanford (Greater Portmore, 2021-09-11)


Merl Grove is my business

Keisha-Ann Sammie (Miami, 2021-09-11)


I am a past student of Merl Grove and Dr. Fullerton is the best principal since Mrs. Martin. I see no grounds for her removal! The girls need her and her leadership.

Keisha Rattigan (Lawrenceville , 2021-09-11)


I would like Dr Fullerton to be reinstated as Principal of the Merl Grove High School.

Sasha-Kay Richards (Kingston, 2021-09-11)


I am signing because of the Chairman's wanton disregard and disrespectful behaviour towards the Principal and I. The manner in which he communicates with her, eg. " she must ceist and decist all recruitment of teachers?" This was sent to all members on the Board including those staff supervised by Dr. Fullerton (Principal). However, he subsequently allowed Mrs. Ricketts (Vice-Principal) and her team to resume recruitment of teachers. The Chairman's failure to sign off on important documents, in a timely manner so they can be sent to the MOEYI. The level of unprofessionalism displayed by the Chairman and the members of the church who are part of the Board. He uses his majority on the Board with impunity to accomplish his desired motive.

Michael Dryden (Kingston, 2021-09-11)


I am against the actions of the board.

Shanique Bent (Stony hill, 2021-09-11)


I am against the illegal removal of Dr. Marjorie Fullerton.

Noela Hamilton (St. Catherine , 2021-09-11)