Our Goal: Our shared goal is to see educated standards and proven policies instituted and maintained at the Merl Grove High School, which are in the best interest of all Students and Educators

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“Calling out the truth may appear irresponsible to those who wish to hide it, however, it is the only way forward”. (Author unknown)

"The heights by great men, reached and kept; were not attained by sudden flight.  But they, while their companion slept, were upward toiling through the night".


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"Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters...Who are you to judge someone else's servant?  To his own master, he stands or fails...So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God...So whatever you believe about these things, keep between yourself and God."


September 10, 2021


This On-line Petition is submitted to:


the Associated Gospel Assemblies

the Ministry of Education – Jamaica

the Board of Management – Merl Grove High School

the National Education Inspectorate

The National Education Council

The Parent Teachers Association – Merl Grove High School

The National Parent Teachers Association of Jamaica, and

 and their appointed Agents/Representatives


Our Goal:    Our shared goal is to see educated standards and proven policies instituted and maintained at the Merl Grove High School, which are in the best interest of all Students, Educators, and all parties at our campus.



Pursuant to advise that Dr. Marjorie Fullerton, Ph.D. – Principal of the Merl Grove High School, situated at 77 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10, was suspended by the Board of Management following an emergency meeting on Thursday, September 9, 2021.


 We the undersigned constituents, comprising Past Students, Parents of Past Students, Parents of current student attendees, the Parent Teachers Association, Students, ‘friends of Merl Grove’ and other interest groups, affix our signatures hereto for the cause of:


1.   Exercising a No-Confidence Vote in Mr. David Hall, Chairman of the Board of Management;

2.   Demanding that the Board of Management rescind, with an apology, its letter of suspension served on the Principal – Dr. Marjorie Fullerton, Ph.D. on Thursday, September 9, 2021;

3.   Exercising a No-Confidence Vote in the current Board of Management, with the particular concern of those members who are aligned to, or are direct worshippers of the Associated Gospel Assemblies, and demanding the removal and appointment of an interim Board;

4.   Exercise a No-Confidence Vote in the Vice-Principal – Mrs. Loretta Ricketts, to include her appointment and neglect of duties as it relates to her failure to properly serve the students in submitting their 2020 school year SBA in Theater Arts to the Caribbean Examination Council, endangering their future prospects and their career path, which resulted in them all failing the course, and its costs to the Merl Grove High School (of over $200,000); and

-      Her constant refusal to meet with the Principal, upon request, and to submit her relevant reports, which falls within her portfolio of responsibilities;

-      Rescind all appointments and terminations effected during the absence and without any consultation with the Principal, to include her colleague Vice-Principal Mr. Dryden, Senior Teachers (Ms. J. Rowe, Mrs. Tamara Dyer-Henry, Ms. Keino Johnson, Mrs. Auld-Joseph,) and the Facilities Manager – Mr. Ian Robinson.

5.   Exercising a No-Confidence Vote and the immediate removal from office of the Bursar Ms. Merlene Lawrence who, to date, remains unqualified in a position of authority at the Merl Grove High School;

6.   Exercising concerns with respect to alleged moral and ethical behavior by Mr. Gregon Samuels in his role as a Teacher, and the negative influence he exerts on members of the student population; allegations supported by complaints that have been documented within the School.


This Petition becomes necessary in the wake of matters arising from, including, but are not limited to:


v  the Principal taking her ‘summer break’ from August 16-September 3rd, 2021; an allowance by the Ministry of Education to all Educators and personnel who serves in the public school system;

v  the intervention of the Chairman in the day-to-day activities and management of the School;

v  the Chairman's lack of communication with the Principal in her capacity as Chief Executive Officer of the institution;

v  the Chairman’s visits to the School and meetings with the Vice-Principal and Teachers without knowledge and or consultation with the Principal;

v  the continuous and obvious disregard to the office and authority of the Principal by the Chairman and some members of the Teaching Faculty;

v  the ongoing refusal of the Vice-Principal – Mrs. Loretta Ricketts to communicate with or attend meetings with the Principal, to whom, she reports;

v  the ongoing disrespect towards the Principal tolerated and supported by the Board Chairman by Mr. Gregon Samuels - Teacher Representative on the Board of Management


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