Petition for Single Storey Front Extension and New Dome Approval and Review of Community Centers As Place Of Worship

The Chadwell Heath Community Association on behalf of the local residents oppose the proposed addition of a single-story front extension and dome to the community centre, now being converted into a mosque on 50 Grove Road. We feel the dome's construction doesn't fit the local area and does not represent its true cultural identity as a multi-faith and diverse community. We are concerned that the transformation from a community centre to a mosque was not initially agreed upon and will lead to increased traffic and congestion. The lack of parking measures poses challenges for residents and the local school. This petition also urges the planning department to consider the proliferation of community centres being converted into exclusive places of worship without proper planning. While accommodating religious practices is important, developments must consider residents' well-being and interests. Factors like demographic analysis, infrastructure evaluation, noise pollution, and traffic management are essential and have been overlooked by the planning department. We also believe these establishments are breach of the capacity licences

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