Keep Country Music on BBC Radio Norfolk



I feel very strongly that this is very important, Country music is so popular in Norfolk as are the other specialist shows. BBC Local Radio should serve content suited to local needs.

Mervyn Futter (King's Lynn, 2020-07-27)


I love country and this is just not on

Peter Moore (Norwic, 2020-07-27)


I’m signing because, I’ve grown up listening to Rodeo Norfolk on a Saturday morning. These two shows are the only shows with have on the radio that are completely country music. We need to keep them.

Alysha Childs (Kings lynn, 2020-07-27)


This programme has been running successfully for 38 years and plays a big part in getting new music out not only to Norfolk where it has always been very popular but all over the world via the web where the listenership is ever increasing - why try to fix something that isn’t broken??!!

Dave Sheriff (Telford, 2020-07-27)


I'm signing because it will be a big loss to country music

Dianne Thacker (Stevenage, 2020-07-27)


Rodeo Norfolk is an important programme for lovers of Country Music and performs a very VALUABLE local service in promoting live music in Norfolk and the UK. Musicians who are self employed rely on this programme make sure their concerts are know about, and promoters of Festivals rely on this too. The contribution these events contribute to the local community is enormous. Why are we being deprived of a perfectly good programme that has been on air for 38 years?

Ralph Marshall (Swaffham, 2020-07-27)


Love to hear country music on our BBC Radio Norfolk. Not just the music but all the info that comes with it! It’s a great programme would hate to lose it!

Kevin Tonks (Barry) (Lowestoft, 2020-07-27)


I love country music and its the only country show on radio norfolk

marlene perry (Diss, 2020-07-27)


Don't want to loss our rodeo norfolk

Pauline Fisher (Fakenham, 2020-07-27)


L J Harmour

Linda Harmour (Bungay , 2020-07-27)


We need this more than ever now. No venues to see live music . Don’t take away Country Music from East Anglia.
A lot of people are housebound they look forward to the Country Radio programmes on Saturdays and Sundays. !!!

Eileen Bloy (Norwich , 2020-07-27)


I listened each online. There can never be enough Country music on the radio. The BBC should be catering for this large and diverse countrywide group of listeners who found this programme connected a lot of people to each other. Yet again the BBC is not listening to licence payers.

Rob Davis (Rotherham, 2020-07-27)


Don't want show axed!!

Shirley Bailey (Attleborough, 2020-07-27)


I believe that the country music show...(Rodeo Norfolk) should be kept . Thousands listen and enjoy country music and it keeps everyone in touch with shows and festivals...

Teresa Eyres (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


The bosses at the BBC need to listen too what it listeners want to hear . This show has a huge listenership and again it’s Country & Irish music that’s hit yet again

Graham Ringer (Norwich , 2020-07-27)


Please don't axe country music it's the best music ever

Joyce Whitton (Doddington Cambridgeshire , 2020-07-27)


Iv grown up listening to Country music on a Saturday morning since I was 6! It’s part of my weekend. Absolutely disgusting that the listens were not asked about this! I pay my licence!

Leona Clarke (Swaffham , 2020-07-27)


I pay for the BBC.

Pat Winn (Kings Lynn, 2020-07-27)


I pay my licence and expect to get something for my money. This is a well loved show and needs to be kept going

Heather Howes (Norwich , 2020-07-27)


Rodeo Norfolk in particular was very important to the Country Music Scene for 38yrs. Roy Waller & Keith Greentree very well respected members of the scene & keeping Country Music alive in Norfolk for the people who support BBC Radio Norfolk!

A Mowbray (Huddersfield, 2020-07-27)


A balance of local interest is what Local radio is for, supporting our local musicians, Country music clubs, Festivals & jobs & Rodeo Norfolk is a major contributor to this by promoting these events much more than other shows than Radio Norfolk broadcasts can

Trevor Allen (Kings Lynn, 2020-07-27)


Here in Essex there is not a country music show on radio unless you have freeview internet or Alexa

Elsie Hardiman (gt leighs, 2020-07-27)


Country music is for everyone and there is no longer enough of it played in the UK

Pamela Ashcroft (BILLERICAY, 2020-07-27)


I'm signing because I listen every week

Barbara Rix (Watton, 2020-07-27)


without the gig guide , difficult for struggling small clubs to advertise,as a player helps me keep in touch with new releases and other artists

Jim Bennett (kings lynn, 2020-07-27)


I run a Country music club

Colin Wilson (Southend on Sea , 2020-07-27)


Country Music is a very popular genre with very little coverage, what programmes there are should be maintained.

James Mantz (Northampton, 2020-07-27)


I don’t think they should take it off as it’s a very popular program here in Norfolk

Gloria Cantwell (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


In my opinion country music does not get enough air time in the UK. The artists, musicians and all those working behind the scenes need, like everyone else at present all the help they can get to promote the genre and to survive.

Thank you

Jackie Shaw (Sidcup , 2020-07-27)


I have been e regular listener for many years and live on my own so its a comfort to be able to listen to my favourite music on a saturday morning

William Chewter (BRAINTREE, 2020-07-27)


Top programme don't want to lose it.

Geoff Byford (Bury St Edmunds, 2020-07-27)


This show is the ONLY thing I listen to or watch on the BBC
This goes then what’s the point of paying my licence fee anymore?
I am very upset you can push aside something so many people enjoy and look forward to. I hope you reconsider your bad decision and do something right for once for your license payers!

Billy King (Dereham , 2020-07-27)


A supporter of all country music and vehicles that give informed information to the public. And I know this program is very popular and would be missed by many people

Mike Stewart (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


I think it’s a disgrace axing such a popular country music show , rural Norfolk needs it !!!!

Jackie Marshall (Swaffham , 2020-07-27)


Country music has a good following in the Radio Norfolk area .

Stephen Andrews (Hunstanton, 2020-07-27)


I've listened to rodeo Norfolk all my life Saturdays just would not be the same, and our local bands need this show to be recognised, to get the support they need

Janet Bloomfield (Wells next the sea, 2020-07-27)


country music fan

john prendergast (kings lynn, 2020-07-27)


I've been involved with the Country music scene for the last 40 plus years, and having listened to the late Roy Waller and then Keith Greentree for most of the 38 years that Rodeo has been on air, I feel EVERYONE will miss out! Club organisers and Artistes will have limited publicity to forthcoming events, they will suffer...also what about all the people who are unable to attend CM gigs? For most of us Country Music is a "way of life" so come on BBC lets have a U TURN on your decision.

Jenny Cole (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


I believe local radio should broadcast what local people want and should show musical diversity not the generic pop the national stations think we want to listen too.

Phil Hannant (Kings lynn, 2020-07-27)


At this time in COVID when people can’t go to dances and country music clubs, we need this radio station more than ever.Keep it country!

Sandra Williams (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


This is so important to this industry.

Julie Waldie (BILLERICAY, 2020-07-27)


This show is one of the very few Country Music shows on the BBC in fact on radio!

Russell Kemp (Chelmsford , 2020-07-27)


The BBC is cutting far to many very popular programs both on the radio and TV, it needs to stop. If they make us carry on paying the licence fee then they need to listen to what the people actually want to listen to and watch.

Juliette Banwell (King's Lynn, 2020-07-27)


We so enjoy the show

Sandra Hall (Brandon, 2020-07-27)


I am signing because Keith has been one of the few BBC presenters that keeps sharing amazing country/Americana/Folk music to his listeners that isnt always corporate dictated. Always introduced to great talented in the UK

Sherrene Roxanne Wells (roanoke, 2020-07-27)


I am a regular listener to this programme and it brings enjoyment to all our family. I understand the cut is to allow more football. I would point out that Country music is very under represented in the media, although it has a huge audience of dedicated fans, who arguably, on a normal weekly basis, attend more live performances than any other genre. This programme has over the years kepr the fans, many who are elderly and infirm, in touch with local artistes and events. Football is already over represented in the media and it would be a great shame if this were to displace such and established and popular programme.

John Bloxham (Stevenage, 2020-07-27)


This programme has been hugely successful over many years and there is no reason to discontinue it. Country music is extremely popular in this area.

a baxter (Corby, 2020-07-27)


To keep rodeo Norfolk show going and stop the cuts.

Andrew Wood (Newton Abbot, 2020-07-27)


There is not enough country music aired now and too much modern music already. Plus Rodeo Norfolk catered for the clubs with the excellent gig guide

Keith Bradley (Great Yarmouth , 2020-07-27)


I have listened to rodeo Norfolk from when Roy Waller did it right through to Keith it is part of my Saturdays please bring it back

Sasha Brace (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


I love Rodeo Norfolk. Been an avid listening for many years. Saturday won't be the same.

Bob Reeves (Northampton, 2020-07-27)


I am a fan if country music. I live in Norfolk. Its my local station. I miss the programme.

Jayne Collett (Watton, 2020-07-27)


I have been listening since the beginning and I look forward each week to the programme, it has been a great comfort to me since I lost my husband 10 years ago.

Mary Worman (King’s Lynn, 2020-07-27)


We need to 'Keep it Country' on local radio and the large listening fan base is more than ample proof that the BBC should and must re-consider its decision.

Richard Hooke (Kings Lynn, 2020-07-27)


We need to keep this service running with their help over the years we would not know what's happening on the country scene

colleen prior (Grays, 2020-07-27)


We need to keep country music going in this country

Geof Carter (Kings lynn, 2020-07-27)


I think it is absolutely dreadful that you are considering axing Rodeo Norfolk. I have tuned in for over 30 years it’s great show with up to date news on foreseeable gigs

Kathy Carter (Norfolk, 2020-07-27)


I’m supporting the great British Country Music Scene

Ian James (Pickering, 2020-07-27)


Country music is very popular and the shows are listened to by many who are unable to see the acts live. Don't take the shows away from the fans.

Rosemary Hanton (Horsford, 2020-07-27)


I have been listening to Rodio Norfolk since day one and it part of my Saturdays

Peter Thurtle (Gt Yarmouth, 2020-07-27)


Too much of the music I like is being removed from BBC Radio
Rock n Roll, Rockabilly and Country. Just to mention a few.

Graham Bice (Barnstaple, 2020-07-27)


I like country music

Erik Grundahl (Repps with Bastwick, 2020-07-27)


We need more exposure for this popular musice genre.

Jim Martin (Suffolk, 2020-07-27)


Country music is an important part of my life and I know a lot of people agree

Stephanie Lindley (Northwood, 2020-07-27)


It's a fantastic show and a great presenter. There should be a range of music on local radio.

Heidi Parker (Colkirk , 2020-07-27)


Rodeo Norfolk has been part of my life for as long as I remember,being a entertainer on the country scene we need this to promote country music and the venues who host country music evenings,we need to advertise the gigs if not sadly country music will fizzle out, and that would be devastating.Please keep Rodeo Norfolk where it belongs,on our local radio station and in our hearts,thank you xx

Julie Baddour (Norwich , 2020-07-27)


From the early days of Roy Waller I’ve always had your support please don’t leave now ! X

Mrs hayley Ingram (Wymondham, 2020-07-27)


Love listening to Keith on Saturday and Sunday, we live in Northamptonshire and listen via internet, will be sad not being able to listen on Saturdays.

Jenny Reeves (Northamptonshire , 2020-07-27)


Country music in Norfolk needs Rodeo Norfolk, its been a great comfort as well to many people for many years



I have listened to this station since we moved to Norfolk sixteen years ago and I would really miss it.

Vera Lumley (Norfolk , 2020-07-27)


We need to keep country music alive.

CW Conlon (Hunstanton, 2020-07-27)


Country dosnt get enough coverage on BBC radio

John adams (reading, 2020-07-27)


We want to keep Rodeo Radio on the air!

Susan Howlett (Manningtree, 2020-07-27)


I support Country music & All the Artists.

Fred Miller (Runcorn, 2020-07-27)


This radio show been going years and brings enjoyment of music and events that are happening

Julie Kirkpatrick (Dumfriesshire, 2020-07-27)


For the love of country music

Ann Wilkinson (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


We all need a lift, country music does that, music with real words and feelings. Let's keep it there for people to listen to.

Diane Paul (Bodmin, 2020-07-27)


I love country music and Rodeo Norfolk is a great way to enjoy it.

Fred Cook (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


I have been listening to Rodeo Norfolk since the start and have also worked for and with Keith Greentree for Radio Norfolk

Mitchell Scott (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


It’s the best Country show on radio

Norman Ringrose (Peterborough, 2020-07-27)


I’m signing because I care about local radio.

Alan Wallwork (Chesham, 2020-07-27)


I agree with the compromise !

Richard Playford (Romford, 2020-07-27)


Listened for years, enjoy the show and updates about the local scene.

Chris Stanley (Great Yarmouth, 2020-07-27)


After all these years of support of local radio and rodeo Norfolk it has to keep going. We need to keep country music and all our local artists connected. We’re like one big family

Winifred Forsdike (Gt yarmouth, 2020-07-27)


My parents listened to this programme for years as I have done.

Michelle Tambling (Great Yarmouth , 2020-07-27)


There is very little Country music on BBC radio or Tv and those programmes which are available( mainly local radio) are suffering cuts

Ray Packham (Birmingham, 2020-07-27)


This helps people who can't get out so helps their mental health.

Anna Calton (Kings Lynn , 2020-07-27)


Rodeo Norfolk is a great platform to play country music and to nurture upcoming country stars and it would be a great loss to East Anglia if it was axed.

Emma Amir (King's Lynn, 2020-07-27)


Life without Country Music is like lungs without air. We need country music to enrich our lives. I have listened to Rodeo Norfolk from day one with Roy Waller getting on for 40yrs and every Sunday is a must. There are so many other programmes that could be culled far less interesting. Please reinstate our beloved Country Music on Radio Norfolk every Saturday & Sunday and make many thousands of people happy.

Peggy Sutton (Gt. Yarmouth, 2020-07-27)


We need to have good music to listen to and relax.

Gary Hall (Brandon, 2020-07-27)


This is a great program, I have been listening for years and hopefully will continue.

Stephen Ireson (King's Lynn, 2020-07-27)


I like both programmes If the BBC needs to save money stop paying people like Gary Lineker such enormous unwarranted salaries

Joan Howden (Norwich, 2020-07-27)


Rodeo Norfolk gives a great service to the country clubs and entertainers throughout East Anglia. It will be a great shame to lose such an institution.

Teresa Stannard (Thorpe St Andrew, 2020-07-27)


I love the music,and also I have listened every Saturday since Roy Walker was presenting it, LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC

Mary Last (Beccles, 2020-07-27)


The show has ran for years and is a great basis for local acts and events to showcase their talent

Tim Alexander (Great Yarmouth, 2020-07-27)


This gives country music fans a chance to hear the music especially those who are confined to their homes and live alone

Gwen Hall (Thetford, 2020-07-27)


We have lost too many country music shows and this was one of the best

Trevor Emmington (Peterborough, 2020-07-27)


I like the music

Jo Utting (Wells next the sea , 2020-07-27)


I am just one of the country music fans, there are many.

Thomas Crosthwaite (Ipswich, 2020-07-27)


I Love Country Music and Keith Greentree is my choice to present it. The local Country Music scene needs support and to have all the information about the artistes and when and where they are performing. The venues need support to survive. Why change a format that has been successful for 38 years.

Graham Johns Bailey (Tunstead. Norwich, 2020-07-27)


This has been my country music radio program of choice since it started

David Parsonage (medway, 2020-07-27)


I miss it!! It’s a big part of our weekend as a family!!! 2year old and 3year old grandchildren also love it!!

Angie Camp (Watton, 2020-07-27)


I love country music

Linda Hoare (King's Lynn, 2020-07-27)


I'm signing this because my main hobby is Country music and there is very little programs on the radio so to lose one, especially a local one, is tragic.

Peter Kirk (Norwich , 2020-07-27)


This is a great show and very much needed for Norfolk

Jason Benstead (Dereham , 2020-07-27)



Caroline Rix (Holt, 2020-07-27)


We need this program more than ever for our music to survive and it’s a crime to lose it.

Maria Lynch (King’s Lynn, 2020-07-27)


It has been replaced by another boring program like so many others. So little country music on the radio now. Local interest and local bands and gigs.

Keith Webb (Dereham, 2020-07-27)


Important source of information for all listenership

Sue Ray (London, 2020-07-27)


Country music is still as popular in the Norfolk area as it ever was and appeals to a large number of radio Norfolk listeners.

dave loome (beccles, 2020-07-27)


I am signing because I want the Rodeo Norfolk Saturday morning show to stay on the air!!

Marion Williams (Kings lynn Norfolk, 2020-07-27)


I used to love listening to this when I lived in Norfolk, and so do hundreds of other people too. Would be a sad loss to Country music lovers.

Mrs A Sparks (Axminster, Devon, 2020-07-27)


All those years this program has been going on air and now taken it off . WHY? Keep this going it has many memories for all people .

Maureen Austin (Gorleston, 2020-07-27)


i am an avid listener and have been ever since the legend roy waller started it the best country show on radio

john bonnett (licolnshire, 2020-07-27)


We luv Keith on the weekends. Our live country shows are finished for now, so please don’t take our country music away from Radio

Christine Adams (Telford, 2020-07-27)

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