Stop the Relocation of Managers/Head Chefs! Would you be happy seeing your head chef/manager permanently moved to another branch?

Title: Stop the Relocation of our Head Chefs/Managers

We, the undersigned members of the Japan Centre/Shoryu Ramen Ltd family, strongly oppose the recent proposal to permanently relocate head chefs and managers to different branches within our company. This decision threatens to disrupt the cohesive teams and unique culinary cultures meticulously nurtured by our dedicated head chefs over the years. Despite claims of needing a "refresh", this move disregards the invaluable contributions, loyalty, and expertise of our head chefs, who have passionately built and sustained their respective branches. We believe that forcing them to uproot and abandon their teams and establishments is not only detrimental to morale but also risks compromising the quality and authenticity of our dining experience.

During the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic, we served not only as colleagues, but also as pillars of moral and emotional support for one another. As a family united by our dedication to Japanese cuisine and each other's well-being, let us stand together against this proposal and preserve the bonds that were fortified through shared challenges and unwavering support.

We believe that this unilateral decision leaves our head chefs and managers feeling disempowered and disregarded, as they are given no choice but to uproot their lives and careers without any consideration for their preferences or desires.

We urge the company to reconsider this decision and uphold the bond between our head chefs and their teams, ensuring the continued success and harmony of our restaurants.

Join us in safeguarding our culinary heritage and supporting the talented individuals who make our dining experiences truly exceptional. We ask all employees who oppose this idea to stand in solidarity with us by signing this petition and voicing their dissent against the relocation of our esteemed head chefs and managers.

You will remain 100% anonymous and may choose to use a different name if it makes you feel more comfortable.

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