Save Sheffield Punditji, Vasudeva Ashwini Kumar

We the undersigned Urge The Sheffield Hindu Samaj Committee to reinstate or to extend the Employment Contract of our learned Punditji Vasudeva Ashwini Kumar.

The Committee have given notice to the Punditji to leave his job because they say there is no money to pay his wages and expenses because of the Lockdown. However The Hindu Samaj have now received money from the Government through the Furlough scheme and we may also get another £1000 under the Government’s Job Retention Scheme as declared by the Chancellor on 08/07/2020.

Also the Committee have been given a Guarantee from some community members that they will cover the Punditji’s wages for 6 months if necessary. Also there are various external funding pots which the Committee can apply for to cover this and some other activities.