Save our Meadow area at Ward Lane


Please respect our living spaces and the meadow area which was created out of nothing and which gives pleasure to so many.

Network homes is considering placing at least one container over this newly-flourishing area.   The last time this happened, it created a desert incapable of supporting any life and was a sad eyesore for many residents.   

By signing this petition,  we are saying no, do not do this. Please consider the area off-limits and look for other options.

During lockdown a resident dedicated time daily, rain or shine, to turn the contaminated land back into a fertile green space.  Two years later, it is full of wild flowers for more than half the year.  Pollinators have come back and it now supports many wild species and even attracts birds.  Funding was by the same resident, but also with some generous donations from others.    

This was a huge project.  The previous contractors left steel bolts, cladding waste and swarf on site.   The soil was lifeless after bleach was washed into it when the building was cleaned.  All of this had to be put right before the soil could be rebuilt and brought to life before planting seeds. 

At all times, the process of creation was communicated to several relevant staff at Network Homes, and there was even a meeting held in May during which it was agreed that this site was off-limits for construction purposes.

Where there was once just a hole in the ground, there is also now a beautiful, thriving specimen tree.  It was a donation by local charity Tree Musketeers on condition that we would collectively look after it.   The value of the tree plus guards was £380 at the time of planting and now the tree is a year older and a lot bigger, and the value is closer to £500.    This agreement was conveyed to Network Homes, who agreed to honour it.   The tree would be killed by proximity to a container and this is unthinkable.

There are many social benefits of the meadow area.  Many people sit on the bench next to it to relax.  It is one of the only spots of colour on the entire development.  

Forward-looking organisations who are signed up to corporate social responsibility and sustainability would not dream of damaging such a ground-up project or a living, breathing green space.   Please leave this area well alone and allow it to thrive again next year and beyond.


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