Save Mecca bingo hornchurch

After enjoying a lovely evening at Mecca bingo hornchurch I came away with disappointing news that they are to close.


I am 30yrs old and have been going here for about a year and have net new people. But its not about me, its for the older generation, people I have met and got chatting to have been going for over 30yrs and they have met new people and made new friends although it is a place of gambling it is also a place of community and a social club for all ages of people.

Most of the people who go to this club live in the area and are unable to travel to another club that is far away.

I am putting this petition together to keep Mecca bingo hornchurch alive and to keep this place going for many years as it a great place for socialising and for the community for all ages.

So please come and join me in signing this pettiton to keep this alive and make a stand to stop this club closing down