Request to add the Persian section

We believe that free, independent and investigative media are the backbone of democracy for a reason. They dig through lies, falsehoods and fronts to expose the truth, inform the public and make politicians and governments accountable. With more than 700,000 Persian blogs, mostly based in Iran, the Persian language is ranked as the second-most-popular language in the entire blogosphere. Unfortunately, Iranian journalists, bloggers and news websites administrators are under heavy censorship, pressures and threats by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to stop the Iranian public from having access to variety of news sources and opinions. Therefore, we hereby request that consider the provision of Persian (Farsi) language support, tools and platform (sub-domain) for the Iranian internet community to enable them in their mission to provide independent news and opinions to a potential target audience of more than tens of millions in Iran and other Farsi speaking countries, while at the same time open to this sizable demographic community