Remove unnecessary cycle lanes from London's roads

Honestly this just makes me even more cross than before.  I travelled up Park Lane today and saw that they have now changed 4 lanes (incl bus lane) into 2 lanes for cyclists and 1 lane for the buses, leaving just 1 lane for cars. I used to travel in a car everyday for work for 3 years from SE London to NW, during the peak traffic times and saw MAX 6 maybe 7 cyclists on Park Lane, today we 2 cycle lanes and NO CYCLISTS NOT EVEN ONE!!!!! Can't see this changing ever. I'm not saying remove all cycle lanes, just ones that are not being used (which is most of them). Our city is NOT Amsterdam or Germany, the roads in London are not built for both.

Realistically do YOU think that Londoners will stop driving? I don't think so.  If in 2041 it will become 80% a city just for public transport, foot and cyclists, what about the people living in Central London, there are definitely more than 20% of population in London living in Central London? Can you see the Queen on a bicycle?  No. I wouldn't expect my 90 odd Grandmother nor my 6 month old child to get on a bike either. I understand completely that cycle lanes should be present in London but not to the degree that there are more cycle lanes than car lanes!!!!!! How much pollution is this causing, cars sitting in traffic for more than an hour will have an impact no matter what the Mayor says.

Like the post says there are not enough cyclists to warrant this.  Where does the money come from? The people who pay ROAD TAX. Do cyclists pay this? No. Has the Mayor ever suggested that the cyclists contribute to Road Tax? No. So how can the drivers feel comfortable with the idea of having more cyclists be on the road? Especially as cyclists are becoming more aggressive on the roads and these people are having the support of the Mayor, ridiculous!!!!!

I wanted to get a petition going, I know there are a lot of people who are getting angry with the Mayor's idea of creating a 'Greener' London. But wasting money is just taking it too far.

After doing some research a came across a post last year from Sadiq Khan where it says there has been a 200% increase on Lower Thames Street but yet statistically it says that there was actually a decrease in cyclicts from 184,000 in 2016 to 162,000 in 2017. Strangely this was not mentioned.

Interestingly got a message from a cyclist hurling abuse at this petition, some people clearly don't understand that sitting in 4 hour traffic is more detrimental than before. I honestly feel its important to make people aware that calling a driver scum because you don't believe in what the driver believes in is unacceptable and these people should be punished for saying such words especially when they don't even pay to be on the roads. If you are reading this now, please read my petition properly before making any further comments. Good luck in your endevours to stop this petition, it will never happen.

Please sign my petition if you agree that the cycle lanes should be removed in London where they aren't used.

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