Reinstate our promised teaching contact hours at Rose Bruford

Both the Actor and Actor Muscianship courses at Rose Bruford are both highly practical courses, incomparable to a University experience. Our training is designed to be full on, physically and emotionally demanding, it's the training we sought out when we decided to become actors. However, due to the schools visiting lecturer budget being cut, we have now had our contact ours decreased for actors by 26.6% and for actor musicians by 20%. We are absolutely heartbroken that our training is being compromised so much, we all clearly see the impact this will have on our professional development and learning. Similarly, as the cost of an hour of learning for UK students is £10.30 an hour and for international £21, and as we are loosing 80 hours of teaching over the next 10 week skills block the cost of our learning that is being taken away mounts to a shocking £35,528 for the actors alone. The reason why many of us auditioned for years to come to this school is because of its outstanding training and now we've been put in a very tricky position. 

Heartbroken is actually an understatement, we were assured a certain kind of learning and experience and now, we've had the bomb dropped only a week before these changes take effect. 

Please sign this petition if you are in agreement with the shocking nature of this news.

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