Regime Change at Gillingham F.C.

Dear Gillingham FC Supporters,

Divided we are solitary voices of the dissatisfied, together we can be a movement for true change at Gillingham FC.

We have witnessed the club's slow decline financially in recent times. The cracks had been papered over with small windfalls from player sales and the Centreplate court case, however there have been no recent events of this nature and we currently cannot name a full match day squad.

Paul Scally came at a time of near oblivion, there's no denying that he has given us our best times. However, the world of football finance has reached a stage where it is now beyond his means to allow the club to be competitive with depth.

We are also aware that Paul Scally has sought investment for the club over a number of years with very little success. I determine that if a club is consistently missing out that there must be a fundamental flaw with either the sales pitch, the personnel behind the pitch, the WIIFM on offer, or all three.

I/we humbly request that Paul Scally now turns his attention from investment to a responsible full sale of Gillingham FC. Gillingham fans have plenty to be thankful for from the Scally era, but now is the time for us to realise a new chapter where the club can move forwards.

Please support this petition if it resonates with you, be heard.

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