Post Production Film


Formal Letter of Complaint to SAE Institute.


For the SAE Institute London Administration and Coordination,

We, the students of SAE London, are, through this letter, demanding compensation for over four weeks of paid for pre production classes.

We have missed than 40% of post production classes and has created a situation where projects have to complete in a unskiled manner, not conducive to the quality of production required for assessments.

We have been given a temp teacher who is clearly not a post production teacher but a animation teacher in an attempt to cover up the issue and not resolve it..

It is a clear misrepresentation of the reality that is, paying handsomely to study at your facilities. All students were promised (and are still being promised) by marketing staff, academic staff, prospectus and information on the website.

The Moodle system is grossly outdated, slow, confusing and badly managed as a platform, where we are required to get all handouts and material needed for course material. Information contained in the system is, almost invariably, outdated or inaccurate. For the reasons stated above, the student body demands immediate solutions for the critical issues which affect the quality of the education provided at SAE london


• A fully qualified and skilled post production teacher.

• Compensation for the hours of class missed due to no teacher.

• Moodle update or overhaul, up-to-date learning material across all accessible platforms.



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