Petition to stop the Theatre Royal axing the Pantomime with this cast

  1. IMG_9278.PNGThe Berwick Kaler pantomimes have been part of many family’s traditions for decades. We as a family have been going for more than 20 years and this is the same for many family's in and around York and for many who come from outside of York
  2. It has come to light in recent days  that the management of York Theatre Royal are looking to move their pantomime in a new direction away from the Berwick Kaler tomfoolery and the cast that has been bringing tears of laughter on that stage for years. 
  3. Nothing has been confirmed by the Theatre so far, however this is not surprising due to recent Press articles regarding cheap sets, ticket sales being down and also the significance that last year was Berwick’s final show on stage.
  4. I for one am not expecting that this will change their mind of the people at the top , but at the very least I’d like to use this petition as a platform and starting point to show the cast and crew of the best panto in the world how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication over the last 40 years.
  5. As a result this will leave a hole in the hearts of many. There is no other panto in this country that has its audiences queuing up in all weathers in often cold and rainy March in order to secure their favourite seats for this “annual rubbish”.
  6. It has brought people together from all over the world and inspired many people to pursue careers in acting and theatre in an industry they love to show the public just what they can do.  
  7. Lets get as many signatures as we can and really show the people at the top of the Theatre Royal hierarchy that we mean business. 

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