Petition to revoke the decision to stop shooting on the Fens

The Grimston Fen and Allotment Trust held a public consultation in the March 2020 edition of the Village Link regarding shooting on Sugar, Derby & Hudson Fens.  The majority of responses were in favour of keeping shooting twice a week, however the total return was low.  The Trust published the decision to stop shooting in the July/August edition of the Village Link, stating the Trusts new focus on conservation and protection of the fens for leisure. This can be evidenced by work commenced prior to the public consultation in January 2020, on the fens to build a barricade to prevent walkers, dogs and horses entering the area so as to allow regrowth of heathland plants and for the adder population to use as a sunning spot. 

Contributing factors to the low response rate could have been the article content, the unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and no provision to submit responses online.  A previous petition was started to gain the 50 signatures required to be placed on the agenda at the Grimston Parish Council for discussion, but the Trust has chosen to use it as defence for their decision,  by stating 1847 declined to sign and therefore are not supportive.  In response this petition has been created to canvas support from all Grimston and Pott Row residents to overturn the decision made to ban shooting.

By signing this petition, you are supporting the appeal to Trust members to revoke the decision to stop shooting on the Fens.

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