Opposition to ITV

The Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng has received the following information concerning ITV.


“We have also been informed that there is regular Girls qiraat, where the girls are filmed.

Most adverts have women, in fact in one of the adverts the lady is at a hair salon and her hair is exposed.

Cartoons for the children depict the stories of the Ambiya (AS)

There is music as interludes.”

A concerted effort is being made to promote the so-called Islamic Television on RADIO “ISLAM”.

The unwary public are duped into believing that the Fiqh Academy of India has given a Fatwa permitting the following:

1)      Girls being filmed

2)      Adverts of women, some whose hair is exposed

3)      CARTOONS depicting the stories of the Ambiya.

Did the often cited Fatwa of 150 Muftis permit any of the above? How is Islam defended by the above Haraam programs?

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