On Maroon and Gold the Sun Won't Set: A Call to Action

Dear Fellow Wolmerians. We are calling on your support to demand the school administration immediately address the ongoing blatant disregard for the integrity of the sacred maroon and gold Wolmer's colours, on representative school teams.




Countless attempts to persuade the school board and administration to adress the issue have received no favourable response, so we are left with no other option but to petition for immediate action.




A large contingent of Wolmer's alumni from Jamaica and across the world, have expressed great consternation that over the past several months, we have seen the Manning Cup team, as well as the Champs track team, attired in a Red and Gold kit, which has no relationship to our beloved school.




It erodes our sense of unity and pride, when alumni and current students are in the stands proudly supporting the school, wearing maroon and gold, in front of matching school banners and flags (recently donated by the 82 alumni class and painstakingly matched to school colours), while our athletes are attired in the red and yellow of Cornwall College, and appear to have no visible relationship to the school other than the name Wolmer's written on the jersey. 




It is a sad irony that the 2017 Champs Fundraising campaign slogan of 'Maroons Going For Gold,' was used to support red and yellow team outfits.




In recent years, in addition to sports team outfits, school ties and blazers have often been produced in incorrect colours, and incorrect school crests are regularly being used. When alumni, including alumni members of faculty, have raised these concerns, they are dismissed as 'fussy old boys,'  and told 'it's close enough.'




The incorrect colours on team uniforms for the past several years are blamed by the administration, on "issues with sponsors/kit suppliers." Yet, not matching the correct colours should be considered a significant breach of contract and actionable to ensure compliance. So the fact that the school administration, has allowed this to transpire for years without rectifying it, indicates they have abrogated their responsibility as caretakers of Wolmer's brand identity. 




The school motto means 'whatever you do, do it well.' Not adhering to our sacrosanct colours and official crest, is no one's idea of 'doing it well.'




We the concerned past students of Wolmer's, the oldest school in the West Indies, hold dear the meaning of the Maroon and Gold colours, and, having been frustrated at the lack of a suitable response from administrators, to remedy this non-chalant mongrelisation of our proud heritage, are using this medium to garner support from past sudents and friends of the Wolmer's school to send a resounding statement that the traditional school colours and crest MUST NOT be compromised. 




We are demanding that the school administration comply with the following:




1. That school administration immediately cease the use or sale of non-conforming school attire, merchandise, which does not reflect the official school colours and correct version of the crest.




2. That the school administration immediately search out the correct colour number codes for the Wolmers maroon and gold, and correct versions of the school crest, and ensure they are communicated consistently with all suppliers/sponsors, and those responsible for producing Wolmer's official clothing.




3. Assign to the portfolio of the Head of the PE Dept., the liaising with sports team sponsors/suppliers to communicate with and ensure the integrity of school colours and crests, and assume responsibility for signing off on all production proofs.






If you agree that our school colours, and crest MUST NOT be compromised, please SIGN THIS PETITION to indicate your support, and share with other fellow Wolmerians so we can send a strong message of unity.