NI Health Minister ROBIN SWANN should RESIGN immediately!

This is a call to the Stormont executive to ask for the immediate resignation from Robin Swann of his position as Northern Ireland's health minister.

Mr Swann refuses to make available to the public the "compelling Scientific evidence" he supposedly has been using to support COVID-19 restrictions which the executive have been and are continuing to put in place. Several requests have been made to Mr Swann to release this information to the public under the Freedoms of information act 2000 and he refuses to do so. As a public health official who is in breech of the FOI laws, Mr Swann should no longer be allowed to continue to have any input on Covid policy decisions being made by the Stormont executive.

Mr Swann continues to make policy decisions for the department of health that are directly and negatively impacting the lives of Northern Ireland citizens. 
Restrictions to hospital visitors for maternity care and end of life care patients etc are completely unjustified, cruel and not supported by any Science. The official Covid-19 data proves that hospital admissions and deaths are not rising despite rising case numbers resulting from increased testing.
Mr Swann refuses to tell the public that the recovery rates for Covid infected patients, according to official data are well over 99 percent. He also refuses to acknowledge that rising positive cases in those affected are experiencing mild or no symptoms requiring no treatment. He also refuses to acknowledge the major flaws in the PCR tests recently warned about by Professors at the Oxford university centre for evidence based medicine -  Professors Tom Jefferson and Carl Heneghan warned that the tests were flawed because they were so sensitive they could skew the infection results. The pair, who reviewed 25 papers on Covid tests, found in one area of Italy over HALF of all positive tests were "false positives" as a result of the problem. This information can be independently verified as credible and also verified by the PCR test manufacturers. Nursing homes in Northern Ireland have admitted to high false positives among staff and patients. This proves that relying on PCR tests to make drastic restrictions to people's lives is both disastrous and irresponsible. 

As a result of Mr Swanns refusal to release the Science, his incompetence displayed when predicting deaths of "biblical proportions", his continued fear mongering on public news based on flawed tests, his mask mandate demands without any risk assessments carried out and his calls for further unnecessary lockdowns  - We the undersigned call for his immediate resignation! The executive are doing the people of Northern Ireland a great disservice while allowing this politician to continue to influence their decisions and shape public health policy. We demand he resign from his position immediately! 

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