New Purpose Built MTB Trails at Alice Holt Forest

The Forestry Commission at Alice Holt Forest has offered to host some new trail development, providing the local MTB community support and get involved in the project.

This is a great opportunity to have a legitimate trail centre that cannot be trashed ,removed or fenced off.It would involve fund raising for some proper purpose built, all weather trail based on the best of Scottish blue trails and designed by the Seven Stanes builders. Those of you who have ridden those trails know just how much fun they can be while still being rideable for all skill levels.

This project would not only give us some super fun, fast, flowey singletrack  but would help to releave some of the pressure on the many unofficial trails which are currently under threat with landowner issues.

Finding a landowner who is keen to develop new high quality trail and is enthisiastic about the project is an opportunity not to be missed and is not forthcoming at any other existing location. With FC backing we have a great chance here to create a permanent mtb facility that everyone can have a lot of fun with and establishes mtb as a major sport in this area.

Here in central England we have no 'official' trail centre and achieving this would greatly add to North Hampshire's reputation as great mtb area. High quality, designed, purpose built trail would offer many coaching opportunities and encourage new riders to take up the sport.

All you need to do at this stage is show that you support the project by completing the petition so that we can demonstrate that there is a large and diverse mtb community who would benefit from the project.

SO please, sign up today

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