New Broughton Village, Burglary Vulnerability.

Dear Neighbours,


Thank you for logging on and joining in the complaint due to the lack of concern regards incorrect investment in our security gates,

You may or may not be personally aware that there are regular accounts of trespassers not belonging to the enclosed communities.

These people have been noticed during the day time hours.

There are also regular burglary attempts around many of the enclosed developments. This latest attempt was early hours 1/03/2014

at around 4am.


The issue at hand here is the failing security systems built to fail in all New Broughton Village locations with a lack of communication

amungst us all, the home owners and tennants within the community.


Many well placed security systems exist within the UK and around the world and our location should be treated no differently on this

highly proffitable venture within the building of New Broughton Village. Being a local person I can confirm these locations were built

on what is known in the past to be a high security risk area.


I propose its our right to have the correct standard of security invesment from the begining wether being the home owner

or tennant, these gates are not suitable for one home let alone sections of 50 homes with visitors coming and going.


The Gates and systems must include the following features:

  • Clear instructions on the outside of the gates, with warnings that any forcable use of entry to the gates include prosecution, and should even send a signal to a security company of such a breach of use and activation of cameras.
  • There should be sensors on the gates that notice missuse,
  • Gates that cant be easily pushed open. (not so strong winds have pushed these gates open).
  • There should be activated cameras on all gates that can view all approaching use of the gates and system.
  • On the inside of the gates, when exiting the community, there should be clear signed instructions for new neighbours and for visitors to understand how the sensor systems work and where to position your car.
  • A clear visible contact tell number for security issues, including FOB replacement.


Its clear new phases of developments are going ahead and think its time for us all to get together and let the development know how

unsatisfied we are, and that its in there best interest to resolve this cost cutting corner before it becomes public.

I would recomend communicating with your neighbours and getting to know each other, which can be comforting when away from

home. If you have pets, work out if your security alarm can be addapted to include downstairs only alarm and keep pets upstairs.

Kind regards your un happy neighbour.


Matthew John.