My son Jamie

I am starting this petition because social services want to put my 19 year old son who is severely autistic and globally developmentally delayed into a residential home. I have looked after and cared for my son all his life all he has ever known is the home he has lived in with his mum and dad and his brother. Social services have said I cannot care for him anymore and I am not allowed to make any more decisions for him. They say they have to move him because of his behaviour and the harm he can do. My son Jamie has not got bad behaviour he is the most loving cheeky person I have ever known social services have said he needs to go into a mental place locked away and drugged up so then he cannot hurt or harm anyone at all. All of this will traumatise him and scare him and confuse him so much social services haven't even done a assessment on my son or me they have just come in and have said all of this, the social worker has been threatening  me and bullying me and will not listen to me at all. Please can I get as much signatures as possible to help keep my son at home to not be taken from me. My son Jamie is my life my world who I love so much and all of this is destroying me. Please sign the petition and help me. Thank you 

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