We request, in the strongest possible terms, that Wokingham Borough Council does everything it can to ensure that Hare Hatch Sheeplands continues to operate as a financially viable enterprise. This will allow it to remain a highly valued community based asset used by so many different sections of the local population.  We urge the council to acknowledge that as well as the elderly, infirm and young, many social groups and organisations value it as a home for their activities. Schools and charities benefit from its support and local suppliers and companies benefit from its existence.  We ask the council to ensure this valuable asset remains in business and that the benefits it brings are not lost to us forever.

NOTE Please answer the questions about your home address, postcode and whether you work or study in Wokingham Borough below.  Wokingham Borough gives greater weight to signatories who live, work or study within the borough.   However, please DO sign even if you do not live, work or study in the borough.  Every signature is important to Sheeplands.

Thank you for your continued support.