Make Barkingside park a safe and fun place to play!

Barkingside playground has become unsafe and unhygienic for children to play in. 
I am asking for Redbridge Council to look into funding to make this a "child friendly Redbridge" plan to add to the top of their list. 
After succesful renovations at Hainault Forest and future renovations at Fairlop waters and Valentines park. I feel the locals at Barkingside and nearby have been left with a dangerous playground that is not accessible to buggies and most certainly not for those in wheelchairs, difficulty with mobility and children with SEN. There is issues for certain people of all ages to sit on the benches comfortably or get to them because of the potholes, rubbish and overgrown grass. There is constant rubbish and rats. There is a rat infestation in that park and I hope that Redbridge look in to these humanely without the use of rat poison to protect wildlife (animals, plants).

Let's make Barkingside Recreation Ground a safe place for kids of all ages and abilities. IMG_4985.jpegIMG_4984.jpegIMG_4983.jpeg

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