Locals against Aldi on Mon Bank

At the end of June residents of Mon Bank were greeted with diggers and workers from Aldi assessing the grounds at the front of our estate (looking towards Belle Vue Park). Upon contacting Aldi we've been told that a public consultation will be taking place, however we would like to prevent this proposed supermarket from progressing any further NOW!

To date local residents have not been officially informed of any plans, there is a tiny piece of paper which Aldi put on a post near the area confirming where you can view the plans. If you don't walk by that area you wouldn't have known about it. This supermarket won't just effect residents of Mon Bank, it will also effect residents who live locally, those who live on Cardiff Road, Waterloo Road, Maesglas Area. There will be additional HGVs travelling along these roads which brings added noise along with an increased crime rate as unfortunately supermarkets attract criminals along with Antisocial behaviour. 

• Do we really need another supermarket in this area? Within 0.7 miles we have a Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Heron Foods, a Spar, several other independent shops, B&M Bargains, Home Bargains and The Range in the East and Maesglas Retail Parks.

• Why aren't they considering one of the many empty units we have nearby? The old Next is currently empty, the old Lidl soon will be, there are empty units near to the Range as well as several by Buyology and even by Tesco! These are more than big enough. Aldi said they would look at previously occupied properties but according to their report they have not done this.

• We appreciate this land has been earmarked for a commercial/office space but a supermarket would be completely out of keeping with the surrounding area. Putting a large grey box there would be unsightly. Residents have a clause in their deeds to ensure they keep with the Heritage look that Redrow have for the estate, having this supermarket built does not tie in with the Heritage look. 

• We already suffer with queues of traffic through the estate and along Cardiff Road, this would add substantially more. Mon Bank is a pleasant residential estate where many like to walk their dogs, run, cycle etc. Increased traffic could potentially be dangerous (we've already had one teenage boy hit by a car on Monmouth Castle Drive)

• There would be an increase in litter and potentially disused trolleys around the local area. Workers on the site already left their litter on the grounds, some of it dangerous (pallets with exposed nails where children can reach them)

• We are concerned about the increase in Anti-Social behaviour within the local area that comes with having a supermarket. 

• The bridge into the estate, and speed bumps throughout all have weight limits attached to them - where would the alternative access be? 

• We do not want HGV's making deliveries during the night and early morning, according to the plans deliveries could be made from 7am to 11pm, with the store being open from 8am to 10pm.

The proposed plans can be found here: https://aldiconsultation.co.uk/monbank/