Lib Dems: Take Action Against Racism

To: Ed Davey - Leader of the Liberal Democrats


Image created by Clive Carter, Liberal Democrat member

Clive Carter, a high profile local Liberal Democrat and former Liberal Democrat Councillor (2018) created this photoshopped offensive image of the only Black leader in London. 

We believe depicting a Black politician in a military uniform is loaded with racist connotations and has no place in politics. 

Aligning Black British politicians to military dictatorships is a known racist trope associating and typecasting Black political figures as corrupt, untrustworthy of western democratic power and dangerous to their populations. 

Haringey is one of the most diverse boroughs in the country and a place where many Refugees and Asylum Seekers have found safety, often from brutal military regimes. Such images evoke unnecessary pain and fear. Insinuating a democratically elected leader is of the same ilk is both insulting to their experiences and dangerous. 

We hope you take action and expel this member from your party. 

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