The people’s initiative Volim Prtlog (I Love Prtlog) was formed out of desire to allow people to learn of the value of Prtlog as a naturally untouched area, to safeguard its green belt from harsh development and in order to preserve it for future generations. Furthermore it has to be noted that such natural areas need to be administered in a conscious and responsible manner due to their invaluable source of natural richness, which is why all citizens should have a say when development plans are put forth by the local governing bodies. Such decisions are seldom without far reaching consequences and cannot simply be overruled by labeling them as “decisions of strategic or developmental importance”.

By signing the following petition, we oppose the decisions made by the Town Council of Labin, which has voted favorably in the execution of the town’s plan to develop Prtlog as an urban area in order to restructure it as a tourist zone Prtlog 2 (2016/11/04) and Prtlog 1 (2016/12/20).

Due to the fact that there has been a significant modification in the territorial plan of the Istrian Region, fueled by outside investors, we contest the local authorities, which have clearly without vision and strategy accepted such propositions, as well as the councilors that have without constructive discussion given their consent and adopted such CRUCIAL DECISIONS that will undoubtedly have a grand impact on the future of the local community.

We want to clarify the motives behind our dissatisfaction with the following arguments:

  • WE ARE AGAINST ALL FAVORITISM THAT LOCAL AUTHORITIES HAVE TOWARDS CURRENT OR POTENTIAL INVESTORS – after a significant number of people that owned undeveloped and otherwise unbuildable properties in Prtlog, sold their properties to a common buyer, a decision has been put forth overturning all previous bans on development thus allowing the investor to amount larger areas and allowing development on previously non buildable surfaces. Ten years ago, the residents of Prtlog were told that no future developmental plans would be made as it was considered a “construction free”, natural and protected area of natural wealth. This initial promise that has been made to the people of Prtlog and after they have sold of their properties for lesser value, has now years later been blatantly disregarded and as a result of the restructure, it has also escalated the monetary value of the same properties.

  • WE REQUEST A TRANSPARENT APPROACH BY THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES – the opposing town councilors have requested verbal copies of all the meetings and activities which have taken place with the investors but have never received them. A figure of authority that is not transparent DOES NOT DESERVE THE TRUST OF THE PEOPLE, all forms of secrecy in the ambient of public administration are in stark contrast with the interests of the community.

  • WE SEEK PROPER DEVELOPMENTAL PLANS – the Town of Labin has not elaborated on one of the fundamental points of the realization and management of their SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT plan, i.e. the capacity for implementing such development without negatively impacting the quality of life of the local residents. We do not want our coast to be overly developed. Our beaches are already disappearing and access to such areas is largely impeded by man made obstacles (ramps).

  • WE WANT TO CONSERVE THE LAST NATURAL PATCH OF PEACE AND TRANQUILITY – The council of Labin, with the “blessing” of the Istrian Region, has evaded the usually necessary strategic evaluation on the impact which such developmental plans may have on the local area. No strategic survey or study has been made whatsoever. We maintain that such a study is not only needed but crucial before the execution of any such “strategic plan”, since it involves an area of great natural value, a protected natural sanctuary. Such a claim was validated and confirmed in March 2016, when a local conservation group accused the Istrian Region and reported them to the local Natural Preservation Agency for not adhering to the usual policy of funding a study which in turn would measure the impact of such developmental plans on the natural ambient, in other words a breach of the law that governs and protects natural areas.

None of us are against development but we feel that the goals of development should never outweigh the needs of the people and should always bring forth more benefits than devastation. Due to the sensitive and particularly delicate nature of the subject (conservation of nature), we feel that an overwhelming amount of investment in tourism might bring forth an irreversible destruction of that which we must and have a duty to preserve, as citizens and as people. With all the above mentioned, we feel it is of utmost importance to have our say in the matter thus to actively participate in the decision making process of all current and future regional development.

Some might say that this is already a done deal and that it is far too late to act but perhaps you might want to say I DO NOT WANT TO AID IT WITH MY SILENCE! Let us unite our LOVE for this land and say together WE LOVE PRTLOG, and confirm it by signing this petition.


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