Hart Island - A Cry for Help

Our Mission:  To bring awareness to Hart Island (“Potter’s Field”), the final resting place for thousands of souls in New York City (the Bronx),  the decayed conditions under which it currently exists and to hopefully one day see it restored to its original beauty, with all its historical buildings preserved for future generations. The largest cemetery of its kind in the United States, those interred on Hart Island are not necessarily homeless or indigent, as hearsay has it, but people who could either not afford the expenses of private funerals or who were unclaimed by relatives who are frequently not notified within a two week period. Hart Island is hallowed ground which, sadly, is not viewed as such by those who have control over it. Family is not permitted to visit without going through a lot of bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo and red tape. Friends, or those who simply would like to sit in a quiet, peaceful spot to honor the dead, are not permitted there at all.  Could you imagine, once you've left this earth, you'd never have any human contact, never have any flowers lain upon your head, never celebrate a holiday, your birthday, never have someone walk past you and recognize your existence? Rather than being a place of beauty, respect and peace for its over 850,000 residents, it is sad and lonely, with no one visiting those who, for now, do not rest in peace. My brother, John, an Honorably Discharged Air Force Veteran, is one of those souls.  Please help and let your voice be heard by signing this petition. We must preserve our history. We must give respect. We must do the right thing.

Thank you for your support.

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