The market distortion of the Green Deal

Dear member of the Glazing Industry,


Re: Green Deal

We are all being advised that we can become Green Deal installers.

This of course is simply ridiculous as it would mean we would lose our customers becoming instead subservient to national players that will take all the profits from Green Deal work and fees, not to mention the obvious cash flow issues the SME’s would face.

We are concerned that Green Deal will distort our natural markets creating an anti competitive sales market from which SME’s are excluded, act now as you may soon be excluded from you natural sales market.

The Ministers at DECC refuse to address the concerns of SME’s and simply push us aside refusing to answer our concerns, worse falsely stating they already have.

Crystal have retained the services of Prospect Law LLP, this is the firm of lawyers that recently won the FIT’s case against DECC.

We are asking that you join us and that we form a group that seeks to mount a legal challenge to the Green Deal, stopping this legislation until we can be 100% sure it will not have any negative impact on our industry, our sales and our jobs.


If you are interested in joining this action, then please contact me.